Monday, January 16

UKIP bring benefits of the EU to the South West

Graham Booth MEP for the south west region this week showed overwhelming support for a new development in his constituency, by promising to use EU funds to help get it up and running.
Booth said he offered "unreserved support" at the proposal to build a seafood park at Newlyn Coombe. "I have nothing but encouragement for the team who have put together this deal. I have written a letter to the South West Regional Development Authority [SWRDA], informing them they have my unreserved support, and offering any help which I can deliver from the European Parliament.
UKIP who are traditionally dead set against EU assistance in developing smaller regions of the EU, only last month blasted Tony Blair for beefing up the EU budget to help rural areas like the south west.
Booth added: "Developments on green field sites and the environmental issues they arouse, must always be balanced against the needs of the local community. There is no contest on this issue; it is crucial that fishing remains as a viable industry. I have every hope that a deal can be struck by SWRDA and look forward to hearing the developments as they unfold."

Source: UKIP

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