Saturday, January 21

UKIP U turn on Port Services

In a rare show of unity, MEPs from all political parties representing the UK in the European Parliament voted in a similar fashion this week, to throw out the infamous Port Services Directive. The draft directive, which proposed opening up ports to competition had earlier in the week caused huge demonstrations on the streets of Strasbourg.
UKIP MEPs who were to blame for the directive not being slung out of the Parliament in November, joined Labour, Conservative and Liberals in sending the European Commission a clear signal - that their sloppy port services package is simply not good enough.
Labour MEP Robert Evans said “ We are not rejecting this for the sake of it. It is because the proposals in front of us will do nothing to encourage business, secure jobs or advance health and safety. If the Commission wants to change port services, they'll have to go back and think again.”
UKIPs position, in throwing the directive out, marked a huge U turn after they voted to keep the draft directive back in November (probably as a result of pressing the wrong button in a vote in the Transport Committee.) UKIP joined Tories and Liberals in changing their mind on the draft law- they too had voted to keep the directive last time it was before the Parliament.

Source: European Parliament Minutes

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Mike said...

Conservative MEPs voted to reject the Port Services Directive in both the Transport Committee and the Internal Market Committee.