Tuesday, February 21

UKIP to change name to 'Independence'

According to a recent news report, UKIP is planing to rename itself 'Independence' and move even further to the right, in an attempt to capitalise on what it sees as the Conservative Party's move to the centre ground of UK politics under the new leadership of David Cameron.

This latest attempt to get away from its traditional single-issue politics of UK withdrawal from the European Union will even see a recruitment drive for more women candidates which poses the question whether Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom will be leading this recruitment drive. For those who may not remember, Godfrey Bloom is infamous for his comments in the European Parliament when he claimed that he wanted "to deal with women's issues [...] because I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough." adding "I am here to represent Yorkshire women, who always have dinner on the table when you get home."

UKIP's planned policies include a campaign for the introduction of some form of proportional representation for Westminster elections in addition to independence for schools, hospitals and local councils as well as lower taxes.

Perhaps the more enlightened of UKIP's misguided party members and voters (should they exist) will be seeking their own 'independence'.

Source: Yorkshire Post

Friday, February 17

UKIP MEPs vote for a measure that could have destroyed many British fishing livelihoods

In an astonishing and wholly irresponsible move, undermining Britain's national interest, all ten of UKIP's MEPs voted against defending the Shetland Box for a further three years.

The measure to ensure that protected waters around Shetland and Orkney remained protected, thus ensuring the survival of Scotland's northern communities had been supported by the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee last month. However, a last minute bid by Spanish and French MEPs to water the proposal down was backed by UKIP, thus risking defeating the coalition of Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs who were all rightly defending the interests of Brtish fishermen.

This latest irresponsible vote shows how UKIP simply cannot be trusted to represent its voters' and its constituents' interests. Their tactic of voting against almost everything is a dangerous and irresponsible one, betraying the misguided faith put in them by voters in the 2004 European elections. Instead of working to secure the UK and Europe's common interest it seems they are content to work to destroy both.

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson, the Conservative European Parliament spokesperson on fisheries lambasted UKIP, rightly asserting that "Fishermen across Britain will rightly be disappointed UKIP was not defending their interests today. UKIP MEPs owe our fishermen an explanation".

Source: Conservative Party

Saturday, February 4

Dissent in the UKIP ranks as UKIP website focuses on non-white immigration

UKIP has published an article on its website, reproduced from the Daily Telegraph, entitled Britain’s non-white population up 500,000. While this may be acceptable for a national newspaper to print, for a party in which certain factions have had alleged close links to the BNP, and which claims to be focused on UK withdrawal from the EU, doubts must be raised as to the reason for posting this article on the UKIP website. Indeed, such doubts have been raised by UKIP supporters with some incredulous supporters commenting that UKIP might as well announce their merger with the BNP and asking themselves if UKIP really are the BNP.

Indeed, the Chairman of UKIP Wales was so concerned that he wrote to UKIP leader Roger Knapman. Below is the text of the message:

“Roger (Knapman),

I am very concerned to see that 2 out of 3 of our top stories on ukip.org website relate to immigration (and with no reference relating them to the EU).

I am particularly anxious that the main headline refers to "
Britain's Non-White population is up 500,000".

I accept it’s a newspaper headline but is it a top story for us?
What impression does this give to those who view our site?
I understood that our concern is space not race is this correct?
I hope and trust this is an oversight on someone’s part.

To prevent further embarrassment I think it should be removed or at least placed out of the 'top story' bracket - our Party is experiencing enough problems without adding to them in this way.

Other stories such as EuroPol, Barroso's key note speech to French Parliament (who introduced him as the leading politician in Europe when he is merely head of the Civil service in the EU) and Vice President EU Commissioner Wallstrom's upcoming participation in the 'Sound of Europe' Conference have not been included.


Richard Suchorzewski

However, the article which was originally posted on January 27 is still on the website at the time of writing this (over a week later) so the UKIP leadership have obviously not listened to the voices of dissent from within their own party, but instead it seems they are content to pander to the extreme elements of the party (its leaders and MEPs?).

Source: UKIP and UKIP forum

Thursday, February 2

UKIP MEP sleeping with the enemy?

While UKIP MEP and co-founder Nigel Farage is well known for his strong Euro-sceptic views, he certainly has no qualms about forming his own particular European union or cheating on his wife, according to the News of the World. Reported this weekend in its pages, was the story of Liga Howells, a part-Swedish, part-German, Latvian-born 25 year old who claims that the UKIP stallion made love to her seven times, and as if that wasn’t enough also asked to be spanked!

The irony of the whole affair is of immense proportions, intensified by the fact that Liga also speaks seven languages! Apparently Farage asked Liga to humiliate him, which begs the question whether he has not had enough humiliation in the European Parliament recently?

However, on a more serious note, grave questions must be asked should these allegations prove to be true. This is just one more kick in the face for all those voters duped into voting for UKIP in the 2004 European elections. It is the latest in a long line of irresponsible actions and words from UKIP, ranging from being openly racist to a complete lack of action whatsoever in the European Parliament, failing dismally to represent the best interests of their UK constituents, not to mention Tom Wise’s finances and allegations of sleaze surrounding them. This latest irony is typical of these hypocrites.

Mr Farage does admit staying out all night at Ms Howell’s but denies that any sexual relationship took place.

Source: News of the World 29 January 2006