Saturday, February 4

Dissent in the UKIP ranks as UKIP website focuses on non-white immigration

UKIP has published an article on its website, reproduced from the Daily Telegraph, entitled Britain’s non-white population up 500,000. While this may be acceptable for a national newspaper to print, for a party in which certain factions have had alleged close links to the BNP, and which claims to be focused on UK withdrawal from the EU, doubts must be raised as to the reason for posting this article on the UKIP website. Indeed, such doubts have been raised by UKIP supporters with some incredulous supporters commenting that UKIP might as well announce their merger with the BNP and asking themselves if UKIP really are the BNP.

Indeed, the Chairman of UKIP Wales was so concerned that he wrote to UKIP leader Roger Knapman. Below is the text of the message:

“Roger (Knapman),

I am very concerned to see that 2 out of 3 of our top stories on website relate to immigration (and with no reference relating them to the EU).

I am particularly anxious that the main headline refers to "
Britain's Non-White population is up 500,000".

I accept it’s a newspaper headline but is it a top story for us?
What impression does this give to those who view our site?
I understood that our concern is space not race is this correct?
I hope and trust this is an oversight on someone’s part.

To prevent further embarrassment I think it should be removed or at least placed out of the 'top story' bracket - our Party is experiencing enough problems without adding to them in this way.

Other stories such as EuroPol, Barroso's key note speech to French Parliament (who introduced him as the leading politician in Europe when he is merely head of the Civil service in the EU) and Vice President EU Commissioner Wallstrom's upcoming participation in the 'Sound of Europe' Conference have not been included.


Richard Suchorzewski

However, the article which was originally posted on January 27 is still on the website at the time of writing this (over a week later) so the UKIP leadership have obviously not listened to the voices of dissent from within their own party, but instead it seems they are content to pander to the extreme elements of the party (its leaders and MEPs?).

Source: UKIP and UKIP forum


EUKNOWHO said...

UKIP, despite its poor efforts otherwise, are a hapless bunch of closet racists. How do I know? Because I USED to be connected to UKIP, but simply cannot stand the obvious vile and poison that many of their "too good for the BNP, better in UKIP" membership display. They belong to an age that is, if not dead, is dying, and they don't like it!

I have said it on another post, and will reiterate it here, just read some of the rubbish that litters their so-called 'democracy forum' site. People like MKP Davies, Tom Wilde and others are guilty of some of the most obnoxious racist rantings to be found anywhere. AND! To make it worse, people like MKP Davies actually think the BNP are, to quote his words, "trolls".

They make the BNP look like angels in disguise by comparison; at least we know where we stand with the BNP, but UKIP have the cheek to behave as though they are better, as their insincerity and obvious manipulation of the truth, show them for what they are on the issue of race, since it became an 'issue' for them over the last 2 years (once they realised it might actually get them BNP votes): not so much closet racists, but masked fascists.

Tom Wilde said...

Doing the classic narcissistic thing of Googling my own name, I've just stumbled across this commnet by EUKOWHO in which he characterises Matt Davies and myself as being guilty of "obnoxious racist rantings" on I assume from this that the poster is mentally ill, and thus that it would be unkind of me to critique his literary efforts any further. If for any bizarre reason you want to know my views on race or any other issue do please feel free to search that forum for 'em.