Thursday, February 2

UKIP MEP sleeping with the enemy?

While UKIP MEP and co-founder Nigel Farage is well known for his strong Euro-sceptic views, he certainly has no qualms about forming his own particular European union or cheating on his wife, according to the News of the World. Reported this weekend in its pages, was the story of Liga Howells, a part-Swedish, part-German, Latvian-born 25 year old who claims that the UKIP stallion made love to her seven times, and as if that wasn’t enough also asked to be spanked!

The irony of the whole affair is of immense proportions, intensified by the fact that Liga also speaks seven languages! Apparently Farage asked Liga to humiliate him, which begs the question whether he has not had enough humiliation in the European Parliament recently?

However, on a more serious note, grave questions must be asked should these allegations prove to be true. This is just one more kick in the face for all those voters duped into voting for UKIP in the 2004 European elections. It is the latest in a long line of irresponsible actions and words from UKIP, ranging from being openly racist to a complete lack of action whatsoever in the European Parliament, failing dismally to represent the best interests of their UK constituents, not to mention Tom Wise’s finances and allegations of sleaze surrounding them. This latest irony is typical of these hypocrites.

Mr Farage does admit staying out all night at Ms Howell’s but denies that any sexual relationship took place.

Source: News of the World 29 January 2006


Anonymous said...

Good piece of journalism - shows those ukip types up as the rascals they surely are

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