Friday, February 17

UKIP MEPs vote for a measure that could have destroyed many British fishing livelihoods

In an astonishing and wholly irresponsible move, undermining Britain's national interest, all ten of UKIP's MEPs voted against defending the Shetland Box for a further three years.

The measure to ensure that protected waters around Shetland and Orkney remained protected, thus ensuring the survival of Scotland's northern communities had been supported by the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee last month. However, a last minute bid by Spanish and French MEPs to water the proposal down was backed by UKIP, thus risking defeating the coalition of Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs who were all rightly defending the interests of Brtish fishermen.

This latest irresponsible vote shows how UKIP simply cannot be trusted to represent its voters' and its constituents' interests. Their tactic of voting against almost everything is a dangerous and irresponsible one, betraying the misguided faith put in them by voters in the 2004 European elections. Instead of working to secure the UK and Europe's common interest it seems they are content to work to destroy both.

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson, the Conservative European Parliament spokesperson on fisheries lambasted UKIP, rightly asserting that "Fishermen across Britain will rightly be disappointed UKIP was not defending their interests today. UKIP MEPs owe our fishermen an explanation".

Source: Conservative Party


Anonymous said...

If the 10 UKIP MEPs owe the fishemen an explanation, I think they will not give it. If indeed the UKIP MEPs supported a measure which would wreck the fishing industry around Shetland, it may look like a malicious tactic: knowing the consequences of this measure, getting this latter forward in order to get the expected consequences then to blame the European Union once again and turn more fishemen against it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Scottish fishermen potentially losing their livelihoods to help UKIP (no Scottish MEPs)to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Is this UKIP's attempt to punish Scottish voters for the party's embarrassing result in the recent by-election there (200 votes)? Fortunately for the fishermen there are more MEPs who actually care about people than UKIP managed to get votes in Scotland.