Wednesday, March 29

Kick out France? NO! Kick out Kilroy!!

Although Robert Kilroy-Silk is no longer officially a UKIP MEP, UKIPWatch could not stand by and let this latest outrageous statement go unheard.

In his latest question to the EU Commission Kilroy asks if the “EU is comfortable having France as a member state” This has come as a result of recent research by National Consultative Council on Human Rights, a French Human Rights organisation when it revealed that one third of French people call themselves racist.

Kilroy’s racist attitude and remarks have been around for years. In 1991 he referred to Muslims as “backwards and evil”. He then went on to say “if it is racist to say so... then racist I must be — and happy and proud, to be so.”

In his Daily Express column in 2002 Kilroy described Ireland as “a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies”. He accused Africa as being “No bloody use at all” and says, “Africa’s plight is mostly the fault of Africans”.

His most outrageous remarks however came from his Express on Sunday article “We owe Arabs nothing” where he refers to Arabs as being "suicide bombers, limb-amputators and women repressors".

To stamp out racism there is no better way than to have 25 or more different countries talking and making policies together. As Tony Blair said in his December speech to MEPs in Brussels “"This is 2005, not 1945. We are not fighting each other any more!"

For someone who has a whole string of racist remarks under his belt it seems like a case of “pot calling the kettle black” when calling for France to be kicked out of the EU. Perhaps the Commission ought to give Kilroy his P45!

Source: This is Derbyshire March 28 2006

The name's Bonde...................... Jens Bonde

In an attempt to emulate his childhood hero, it seems Nigel Farage may have got his wires crossed and his finances in a pickle. Mistaking the Danish IND/DEM President for the British spy, it seems Nigel followed in the footsteps of the wrong Bond!

Both the leader and President of the IND/DEM Group, Nigel Farage and Jens Bonde, are currently being investigated by the legal service of the Court of Auditors., "a website for the latest EU news", is funded by the IND/DEM Group. Both Bonde and Farage are facing financial liabilities should this investigation reveal that cross subsidies have breached EU financial rules. is being accused of using C Grade Parliament staff, European Parliament offices and other such benefits to run the website. The current editor of the website, Lisbeth Kirk, however refuses to accept these accusations. " has own staff paid by our own incomes who also make part of the work. The cooperation is mentioned at the EUobserver website under the heading press review." Of course she would deny all; she's married to Jens Bonde MEP!

EU Reporter (13-24 March 2006), an Independent newspaper NOT funded by public institutions, revealed that having visited the website it stated that " is an independent website published by ASBL". UKIPWatch can now reveal that the editors are now covering their back with the statement "The Press Review is produced in co-operation with the IND/Dem Group in the European Parliament."

After weeks of backbiting and bitterness towards the Labour Party and the 'Cash for Honours' story it seems UKIP leaders are not so squeaky clean themselves. If the investigation proves that the website is breaching rules the IND/DEM could be losing both friends and finances!

Thursday, March 16

How to make friends and influence people……!

In a surprisingly unexpected announcement in Strasbourg on March 16th 2006 UKIPWatch regrets to inform fellow UKIPWatchers that the Polish and Italian delegations (Liga Nord and Liga Polskich Rodzin) have announced their withdrawal from the Independence and Democracy Group within the European Parliament. Or were they kicked out?

The Italian Liga Nord have long been associated with fascist groups and individuals and a recent outburst on National Television from their leader angered MEPs into calling for their withdrawal from the IND/DEM Group. Roberto Calderoli appeared on Rai Uno (the most watched TV station in Italy) wearing a T Shirt showing the controversial Mohammed cartoons.

We are unsure if the Polish Liga Polskich Rodzin chose to withdraw themselves from the Group or whether they were given a slight push out of the door? Having failed to sign an invitation to join the re-structured group they too will sit as Non Attached Members.

So what does this mean for our UKIP buddies? Well, European Parliament rules state that Political Groups must have at least 19 MEPs from 5 different member states. The current IND/DEM Group has 22 members from 8 member states. If 4 members from as little as 2 member states leave this could cause the Group to fold!

This now brings us back to their initial comments after the June 2004 Euro Elections. “We’ll wreck it - expose it for the waste, the corruption and the way it's eroding our independence and our sovereignty.” A difficult thing to do when you are now part of the smallest Political Group and all your allies deserting you.

So….what’s next for UKIP? Will they too defect to joining their old buddies Ashley Mote and Robert Kilroy-Silk as Non Attached Members? Will they invite the Tories to join a newly founded Group with the Italians and Polish fascists? Will they remain loyal to the Independence and Democracy Group and pray the other delegations don’t leave? Or will they give it all up and take the “Gravy Train” back home?

UKIPWatch waits in anticipation!

Source: EU Observer 16.03.2006

Monday, March 13

Prostitutes: “do IT because they want to” claims Godfrey Bloom

On March 8, International Women’s Day 2006, the European Parliament launched its “Red Card to Forced Prostitution” campaign in time for this year’s World Cup in Germany. Around 700,000 women and children are trafficked through international borders each year and it is estimated that around 40,000 will be trafficked and forced to work as prostitutes during the World Cup celebrations.

MEPs, both male and female, from all ends of the political spectrum emphasised there outrage at this modern day form of slavery and encouraged the European Commission and other colleagues to step up action to combat this violation of human rights.

UKIP’s representative on the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, Godfrey Bloom, although unable to attend the seminar was not short of a word or two on the subject. In an outrageous statement to the Yorkshire Today, Mr Bloom announced he used to visit brothels in Hong Kong when he was a businessman. Bloom then went on to claim “most girls do it because they want to. If they (prostitutes) wanted a job as a Tesco check-out girl, they'd go do that instead."

Linda McAvan, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside, disgusted by Bloom’s comments highlighted the fact that “once again, Mr Bloom is making comments that question his suitability for public office. If he did any research on the subject I think he would find that prostitution is a very sad affair and the majority of girls don't have any choice in what they're having to do." Yorkshire Today

Bloom was also given speaking time in today’s Debate in the Strasbourg Plenary on “Forced Prostitution in the framework of sporting events”. UKIPWatch was hoping Bloom would withdraw his outrageous remarks and come out in support of tighter measures to combat forced prostitution. We were however left speechless when he failed to show up.

Yorkshire Today, March 10 2006
The Sprout, March issue 2006
European Parliament Debate on Forced Prostitution in the framework of sporting events March 13th 2006 6pm

Monday, March 6

MEPs take a big step forward; UKIP takes a huge step back!

The Services Directive, the most important piece of legislation the European Parliament has seen in recent years, was voted on in the February II plenary session in Strasbourg - and in their usual fashion UKIP MEPs tried hard to mess it up! The directive aims to open up the market, creating around 600,000 jobs and producing revenue of around 30 billion euros. UKIP MEPs however decided to score themselves extra 'Anti-Europe' media points by causing problems in the hemicycle. Nigel Farage, getting a little confused over when to vote in favour and when to vote against, decided to call for the vote to be referred back to Committee. He claimed the confusion over various amendment wording was “degenerating into a farce”. European Parliament Speeches UKIPWatch likes to associate the word farce with Nigel and his party and NOT the voting system! Thankfully, an overwhelming majority ignored Farage’s plea!

MEPs and UKIPWatch observers may be forgiven for thinking that UKIP MEPs had finally found their socialist values for on 3 key issues (social services, welfare and labour law), they voted in favour. Well, most of them did – Farage and his little group of followers had gone in a huff that no one had listened to their plea to throw the vote back to Committee and therefore refused to vote! Observers may also be inclined to think that UKIP MEPs were perhaps looking over the shoulder of a nearby Socialist for help!

Then there is poor old Ashley Mote. Not only did Mote have the Party Whip removed but he seems to have been left out of the voting list circle too. Instead of trying to figure out when he was in favour and when he was against, Mote decided to keep his finger on the abstention button during anything that seemed remotely controversial.

And just when we thought UKIP were finally coming to their senses they rule out all the positive voting they cast on the 3 key votes by voting against the final resolution. Once again, the idea of UKIP thinking anyone but themselves is far from reality.