Thursday, March 16

How to make friends and influence people……!

In a surprisingly unexpected announcement in Strasbourg on March 16th 2006 UKIPWatch regrets to inform fellow UKIPWatchers that the Polish and Italian delegations (Liga Nord and Liga Polskich Rodzin) have announced their withdrawal from the Independence and Democracy Group within the European Parliament. Or were they kicked out?

The Italian Liga Nord have long been associated with fascist groups and individuals and a recent outburst on National Television from their leader angered MEPs into calling for their withdrawal from the IND/DEM Group. Roberto Calderoli appeared on Rai Uno (the most watched TV station in Italy) wearing a T Shirt showing the controversial Mohammed cartoons.

We are unsure if the Polish Liga Polskich Rodzin chose to withdraw themselves from the Group or whether they were given a slight push out of the door? Having failed to sign an invitation to join the re-structured group they too will sit as Non Attached Members.

So what does this mean for our UKIP buddies? Well, European Parliament rules state that Political Groups must have at least 19 MEPs from 5 different member states. The current IND/DEM Group has 22 members from 8 member states. If 4 members from as little as 2 member states leave this could cause the Group to fold!

This now brings us back to their initial comments after the June 2004 Euro Elections. “We’ll wreck it - expose it for the waste, the corruption and the way it's eroding our independence and our sovereignty.” A difficult thing to do when you are now part of the smallest Political Group and all your allies deserting you.

So….what’s next for UKIP? Will they too defect to joining their old buddies Ashley Mote and Robert Kilroy-Silk as Non Attached Members? Will they invite the Tories to join a newly founded Group with the Italians and Polish fascists? Will they remain loyal to the Independence and Democracy Group and pray the other delegations don’t leave? Or will they give it all up and take the “Gravy Train” back home?

UKIPWatch waits in anticipation!

Source: EU Observer 16.03.2006


Anonymous said...

"surprisingly unexpected"?

Is that the same as "unexpectedly surprising?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They have hired a bus for them and all their friends to travel around Europe (?????). It is a very small bus.

Anonymous said...

It is an airbus:

"This bus will dog the steps of the Commission as it jets around Europe pretending that all is well and the constitution is on track," said British MEP Nigel Farage, co-president of the group. (EU observer story)