Wednesday, March 29

Kick out France? NO! Kick out Kilroy!!

Although Robert Kilroy-Silk is no longer officially a UKIP MEP, UKIPWatch could not stand by and let this latest outrageous statement go unheard.

In his latest question to the EU Commission Kilroy asks if the “EU is comfortable having France as a member state” This has come as a result of recent research by National Consultative Council on Human Rights, a French Human Rights organisation when it revealed that one third of French people call themselves racist.

Kilroy’s racist attitude and remarks have been around for years. In 1991 he referred to Muslims as “backwards and evil”. He then went on to say “if it is racist to say so... then racist I must be — and happy and proud, to be so.”

In his Daily Express column in 2002 Kilroy described Ireland as “a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies”. He accused Africa as being “No bloody use at all” and says, “Africa’s plight is mostly the fault of Africans”.

His most outrageous remarks however came from his Express on Sunday article “We owe Arabs nothing” where he refers to Arabs as being "suicide bombers, limb-amputators and women repressors".

To stamp out racism there is no better way than to have 25 or more different countries talking and making policies together. As Tony Blair said in his December speech to MEPs in Brussels “"This is 2005, not 1945. We are not fighting each other any more!"

For someone who has a whole string of racist remarks under his belt it seems like a case of “pot calling the kettle black” when calling for France to be kicked out of the EU. Perhaps the Commission ought to give Kilroy his P45!

Source: This is Derbyshire March 28 2006


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Cyburn said...

Oh geez, UKIP is way better off without that dick Kilroy.

You leftie pro-EU dicks are just jealous

EUKNOWHO said...

I would suggest that UKRAP would be better off without most of its foul-mouthed and near bed-ridden membership. RKS is just one of thousands that have yet to be EXPOSED.