Monday, March 6

MEPs take a big step forward; UKIP takes a huge step back!

The Services Directive, the most important piece of legislation the European Parliament has seen in recent years, was voted on in the February II plenary session in Strasbourg - and in their usual fashion UKIP MEPs tried hard to mess it up! The directive aims to open up the market, creating around 600,000 jobs and producing revenue of around 30 billion euros. UKIP MEPs however decided to score themselves extra 'Anti-Europe' media points by causing problems in the hemicycle. Nigel Farage, getting a little confused over when to vote in favour and when to vote against, decided to call for the vote to be referred back to Committee. He claimed the confusion over various amendment wording was “degenerating into a farce”. European Parliament Speeches UKIPWatch likes to associate the word farce with Nigel and his party and NOT the voting system! Thankfully, an overwhelming majority ignored Farage’s plea!

MEPs and UKIPWatch observers may be forgiven for thinking that UKIP MEPs had finally found their socialist values for on 3 key issues (social services, welfare and labour law), they voted in favour. Well, most of them did – Farage and his little group of followers had gone in a huff that no one had listened to their plea to throw the vote back to Committee and therefore refused to vote! Observers may also be inclined to think that UKIP MEPs were perhaps looking over the shoulder of a nearby Socialist for help!

Then there is poor old Ashley Mote. Not only did Mote have the Party Whip removed but he seems to have been left out of the voting list circle too. Instead of trying to figure out when he was in favour and when he was against, Mote decided to keep his finger on the abstention button during anything that seemed remotely controversial.

And just when we thought UKIP were finally coming to their senses they rule out all the positive voting they cast on the 3 key votes by voting against the final resolution. Once again, the idea of UKIP thinking anyone but themselves is far from reality.

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