Wednesday, March 29

The name's Bonde...................... Jens Bonde

In an attempt to emulate his childhood hero, it seems Nigel Farage may have got his wires crossed and his finances in a pickle. Mistaking the Danish IND/DEM President for the British spy, it seems Nigel followed in the footsteps of the wrong Bond!

Both the leader and President of the IND/DEM Group, Nigel Farage and Jens Bonde, are currently being investigated by the legal service of the Court of Auditors., "a website for the latest EU news", is funded by the IND/DEM Group. Both Bonde and Farage are facing financial liabilities should this investigation reveal that cross subsidies have breached EU financial rules. is being accused of using C Grade Parliament staff, European Parliament offices and other such benefits to run the website. The current editor of the website, Lisbeth Kirk, however refuses to accept these accusations. " has own staff paid by our own incomes who also make part of the work. The cooperation is mentioned at the EUobserver website under the heading press review." Of course she would deny all; she's married to Jens Bonde MEP!

EU Reporter (13-24 March 2006), an Independent newspaper NOT funded by public institutions, revealed that having visited the website it stated that " is an independent website published by ASBL". UKIPWatch can now reveal that the editors are now covering their back with the statement "The Press Review is produced in co-operation with the IND/Dem Group in the European Parliament."

After weeks of backbiting and bitterness towards the Labour Party and the 'Cash for Honours' story it seems UKIP leaders are not so squeaky clean themselves. If the investigation proves that the website is breaching rules the IND/DEM could be losing both friends and finances!


Anonymous said...

Let's get this clear. The EU is supported by the taxes of EU citizens. Part of those taxes, (correct me if I am wrong please), go to the political groups in the EU Parliament. If that is the case then Euobserver, if your story is true, is using staff paid for by EU taxpayers to produce a press review for which EU taxpayers have to pay (check it out - it's by subscription) if they want to read it.

Is this really true?

Anonymous said...

The Court of Auditors report, 13/2000 highlights these practices as being 'irregular'. The Parliament's own rules are a little clearer, saying its wrong. The Community's financial regulations are even clearer, saying you'll be paying the money back. And, the only way to get things moving is if MEPs start asking how taxpayers' money has been spent against the rules.