Saturday, April 29

Crossed Wires

UKIP old boy Jeffrey Titford picked up a few wrong signals this week over proposals to erect an Orange mobile mast in the village of North Farmbridge. The Eastern Counties MEP had falsely and vociferously claimed that the local nursery, Deerlands, would be forced to close on health and safety grounds, but was put in his rightful place by owner Heidi Cook who refuted his allegations.

"I did not provide any information directly to Mr Titford regarding the alleged closure of my nursery if the mobile phone mast was granted permission and, indeed, was not asked".

Once the truth emerged, Mr Titford could only muster up a somewhat sheepish and curt response: "There has been a misunderstanding, arising from information given to me by other villagers, and I apologise".

And so the vacancy for a new village idiot was duly filled!

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