Saturday, April 29

Flagging Up Trouble

Matt Davies, the UKIP candidate for Knaphill in the local elections, has expressed his outrage at an order by senior fire officers to remove the Union Flag at a station in Woking.

"The fact the council is saying this is due to health and safety concerns, is the most ludicrous notion I have ever heard.

"It is typical of the weak, subservient old parties to see this pushed through. It's time we started trusting our people again and give them back their right to show pride in their country!"

As the diatribe continued, so did the nationalist sentiments:

"Many of the fire fighters angry at this decision are ex-forces, who have fought for this country's freedoms. UKIP believe they are being let down terribly by the politicians who are supposed to represent them. We believe the coming council elections are an ideal time for people to show that enough is enough!"


EUKNOWHO said...

Matt Davies is a particularly nasty piece of work, as many of his postings on the UKIP Forum, sorry, 'democracy forum' site will show; his use of abusive and degrading language shows the him for what he is: a nasty small-minded and foul-mouthed semi-intellectual "thought-thug"

Anonymous said...

The insidious thought-thug, Matt Davies, is a part host to the ridiculously named 'democracy forum' site that is supposedly advanced as a platform for pro-UKIP writers. Unfortunately, it is largely the podium for malicious and insulting text, much of it written by miss Davies himself. Anyone wishing to insult and degrade the entire UKIP effort would be well placed to take a bunch of quotes from this site with many of them written by acclaimed UKIP sponsors such as MKP Davies.