Tuesday, April 4

Fruitcake Farage and his closest racist colleagues

In an interview today with LBC, a London news station, Conservative Leader David Cameron referred to UKIP members as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

In an apparent attempt to gain some political points with voters and distance his party from extreme right wing fascist parties, has Cameron gone too far? Or are UKIP actually racists? Let’s see………………..

A former key figure in the UKIP ranks, Robert Kilroy Silk labelled Arabs "suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors" on his BBC Talk Show in 2004.

Deputy Leader Mike Nattrass once stood as a candidate in the Dudley West by-election as a NBP (New Britain Party), a party known to be anti-immigration and somewhat racist. Source: The Observer 2001

Now UKIPWatch couldn't possibly comment on the alleged "closet racists" but the Press and fellow UKIPWatchers may wish to consult the following list:

Aidan Rankin - former co-author of the UKIP manifesto - member of the Third Way, a breakaway party from the National Front. Source: The Independent 3 June 2004

Alastair McConnachie - former UKIP candidate - Holocaust denier The Guardian Source :

Martyn Heale – Former UKIP South Thanet Branch Chairman, now Agent and Campaigns Manager - former National Front branch organiser and candidate. Source: The Guardian

Mark Deavin – Post Graduate Student of Dr Alan Sked, a London School of Economics lecturer and UKIP founder – Links to the British National Party Source : The Guardian

Nigel Farage says he's happy to be branded a fruitcake, a loony and gadfly afterall... “i'm wearing the gadfly tie today” He however denies the "racist" remarks claiming…. "We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party..."

Really Nigel……? Isn’t it worrying when even Robert Kilroy Silk accuses you of being “bloody right wing fascist nutters


Cyburn said...

Oh shut it, the BNP are the real racists.

Cameron is just jealous of UKIP

Anonymous said...

What about Cllr Maureen Stowe, a BNP councillor in Burnley who defected to, erm, Labour. Oh, never mind that, Labour regained control of Burnley Council as a result. Good to see that principles haven't stood in the way of expediency then. UKIP throws them out, Labour takes them in. I wonder how long this post will be allowed to stay here?

Anonymous said...

To cyburn - why would David Cameron, Leader of the 2nd largest political party in the UK be jealous of UKIP?
I'm not a Tory voter, but I would like to know what your reasoning is.

Anonymous said...

It's just Cyburn being Cyburn. He routinely accuses anyone who disagrees with UKIP of jealousy. Why is anyone's guess.

EUKNOWHO said...

To fully understand what Cyburn an other UKRAPers believe, simply visit their 'democracy forum' site (I find this term absolutely hilarious considering many of the comments that exist and are allowed to remain on the site, especially from that evil MKPD - what a malicious individual!)

You must understand that the site had a name chamg because UKIP high command were not happy with many of the obvious pro-BNP sentiments thatwere expressed on the site, nevermind the utter drivel that is written by some of its contributors.