Wednesday, April 19

Joan Collins: Life, politics and sheer bitchery (Sunday Times
News Review, 16 Apr, p. 7): "In the 1980s Collins was well known for
her Thatcherite views. Today she is an unashamed Brussels-bashing
English patriot. A year ago she came out for UKIP, telling the press
that she was flattered to be asked by her friend Robert Kilroy-Silk
- then a leading party member - to be a patron of the party. Now she's
about as happy at having appeared at the UKIP meeting as she is at
having appeared on Footballers' Wives. "One afternoon in Nottingham I
was bored and my friend Robert Kilroy-Silk asked me to come to a UKIP
meeting and have my photo taken with him. So I did. And that was it. I
never said I was patron or a supporter.""

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EUKNOWHO said...

So, the "bitch" denies supporting the "gadflys"!

UKIP where promoted in 2004 soley for the purpose of stopping the BNP and the poor nutters can't even see it! If it wasn't serious, it would be funny.