Saturday, April 29

Motormouth Natrass

With typical sensationalist fervour, UKIP transport spokesman Mike Natrass has cited the party's favourite scapegoat as the culprit for the closure of the Royton Peugeot factory by claiming that the EU has single-handedly orchestrated its move to Slovakia through EU grants.

Overlooking the strict, member-state monitored cohesion funding system, Mr Nattrass said "The Commission has decided that Trnava deserves the jobs more than Coventry, with the British government doing nothing more than a helpless bystander".

Failing to realise that this was the choice of the manufacturer and beyond political intervention, Mr Natrass continued:

"How can our democratically elected parliament at Westminster have given the unelected European Commission the power to play god with British workers jobs?"

As the answer to that rhetorical question is so simple, Mr Natrass is obviously dying to be sent to Coventry, arf arf!

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