Saturday, April 29

Riddle of the Spinks

Rumours abound in Westminster this week regarding the possible defection of Conservative MP Bob Spinks to UKIP, as reported in the Hickey column of the Daily Express (13.04.06)

According to an inside source, "Bob made it clear he didn't approve of what Cameron said because UKIP is a party he respects".

And it appears UKIP would be just as glad to have him as the Tories would be to get rid: "It is well known UKIP Would be delighted to have someone as able as Bob on board and there's now a fear he could change sides if Cameron continues with these outbursts".

The Telegraph equally highlighted the Castle Point MP's sympathy for the much-maligned secessionists: "UKIP supporters are no more racist than the Tories were in the last election. I regret very much the personalised political attack on UKIP".

Racism, naturally, being perfectly acceptable provided the threshold is clarified before the campaign.


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