Tuesday, April 4

Shhhhh! Don't tell Kilroy!

No-one tell "the man with the tan" but UKIP are on the lookout for a new leader! Current leader Roger Knapman ends his four year term this summer and is looking for an unlucky candidate to step into his shoes! Campaigning will begin in May with ballot papers being issued to the 20,000 party members with the final result declared at their Annual Conference. With a mix of known and unknown characters in the running UKIPWatch has a rundown of potential candidates.

Nigel Farage: current IND/DEM Leader

Do you want an ex Tory who can barely retain his deposit?

Farage: current Independence and Democracy Group co-leader, founding member of UKIP and former Chairman. He is a former Conservative activist before joining the Anti-Federalist League. He is becoming more and more interested in sitting in Westminster standing in both the 2001 and 2005 General Elections. In 2005 he only just managed to retain his £500 deposit with a total of 2079 votes. Do you want a leader who cannot win elections?

Source: The Guardian

Do you want an untrustworthy leader?

Farage has a reputation for being a ladies' man when News of the World article printed his latest love quest - part Swedish, and part German, Latvian born Liga Howells. "Married MEP Nigel Farage formed a European union with a WOMAN, begging her to get MaaSTRICHT with him during sex"
Can you really trust a leader who is unfaithful?

Source: News of the World 29 January 2006

Do you want a leader who is involved in a financial scandal?

Both the leader and President of the IND/DEM Group, Nigel Farage and Jens Bonde, are currently being investigated by the legal service of the Court of Auditors. EUobserver.com, "a website for the latest EU news", is funded by the IND/DEM Group. Both Bonde and Farage are facing financial liabilities should this investigation reveal that cross subsidies have breached EU financial rules. EUObserver.com has been using C grade Parliament staff, offices and other Parliament benefits to fund their website with no mention of the link. Infact they previously claimed to be "an independent website published by EUobserver.com ASBL".

Source: EUReporter.com

David Campbell Bannerman: Current Chairman

Do you want a leader who is the Great Nephew of a Liberal Prime Minister and a former Tory activist?

Campbell-Bannerman is the current UKIP Chairman, replacing Petrina Holdsworth in 2005. He is the Great Nephew of Liberal Prime Minister, Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1906-1908) and a former Tory activist. He was a prominent figure in Conservative party politics becoming Special Adviser to Sir Patrick Mayhew, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 1996.

Source : UKIP

Do you want a flip-flopping politican?

Nephew of a Liberal, former Tory candidate and now UKIP member! Can one person be any more of a "flip-flop" politician? Campbell Bannerman stood in Glasgow Rutherglen in 1997, as a Conservative candidate, gaining only 9% of the vote, in 2001 in Warwick and Leamington and then in 2005 as a UKIP candidate with only 5% of the vote.

Source : Ask Aristotle

Mike Nattrass: Current Deputy Leader

Do you want a leader who is a former member of the New Britain Party?

Nattrass, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands is currently Deputy Leader of UKIP. He is also a former member of the New Britain Party, standing in the Dudley West by-election on 1994 as an NBP candidate. The New Britain Party is an anti-immigration party and a particularly racist party. Nattrass fortunately gained a mere 146 votes. Do you want a racist leading your party?

Source: The Observer, 2001

Do you want a leader who attacks the only woman in the party?

While the main political parties are campaigning on issues particularly affecting women is it right for UKIP's Deputy Leader to pick fights with their only female representative? In late September 2005 a "war of words" began with Natrass and former Party Chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth. Nattrass was "outraged" that Petrina claimed he and his fellow Brussels colleagues were employing people but not fully utilising them. After numerous emails back and forth, extreme personal attacks and nasty comments Petrina was forced to resign.

Source: The Telegraph

Who stays and who goes....... you decide!!

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