Thursday, April 13

UKIP Crash ‘Camp Cameron’

Whilst the Conservative Spring Conference was heating up in Manchester UKIP ‘fruitcakes’ were cooling off after their latest spat with Tory leader David Cameron.

Whilst David Cameron was speaking at the Conservative Party Conference UKIP were seeking revenge by “parking their tanks on Cameron’s lawn”.

UKIP Leader, Roger Knapman and MEP Nigel Farage were so upset and angered by Mr Cameron’s comments that they vowed to “do everything we have to through the law to make him apologise." They threatened to sue Cameron, contest all Tory seats in the forthcoming Local elections and park their tanks firmly on David Cameron’s lawn.

Worried that they might not gain enough support in the local elections, UKIP, led by Farage, took to the streets, blocking the entrance to the Tory party conference and encouraging Tory voters to join ranks with them.

They came, they saw, but did they conquer? Nope, they have actually decided to drop their lawsuit against The Tories. But why UKIPWatch asks? Perhaps it’s because they actually do have “some pretty unsavoury connections with the far right”. Or perhaps it's because they say one thing at home and do another in Brussels. Whilst Roger Knapman and chums are contesting Tory marginals in the UK, Farage is getting into bed with Tory MEPs.

UKIPWatch loves nothing more than some right wing in fighting. Long may it reign!

Source :BBC
Source: Richard Corbett Blog
Source: The Telegraph


No2CanveyLink said...

The funniest thing was watching youngsters from Conservative Future serving the 20 or so bedraggled UKIP activists trays of fruitcake!

EUKNOWHO said...

After the recent "we expect to gain 15-20 seats" elections (UKIP's net gain: 1, yes ONE!!!)I suspect that rather than tanks, UKIP might consider parking prams, as it would more aptly describe UCRAP's impact on the British electorate: INFANTILE!