Monday, May 15


Criticism of Roger Knapman's hypocracy following the Polish plasterer fiasco has refused to subside, most recently with this pertinent response by Richard Corbett MEP in the Sunday Times (14 May 2006):

SPIT AND POLISH: It is prescient that the revelations of UKIP leader Roger Knapman using Polish workers to renovate his house (News, last week) should come in the week of Europe day (May 9). Even the most ardent Eurosceptic can find benefits of being in the European Union. In recent weeks the EU has planned to bring down the cost of mobile phones (lowering roaming costs), cut deaths on Europe's roads (the eCall system), made sunbathing safer (ensuring suncreams are clearly labelled), and is working towards a better future for football on the continent (Independent European Football Review). -Richard Corbett MEP, Leeds.


In an interview with April's European Voice, Godfrey Bloom has once again attacked the rights of women in employment and their representation at EU level by citing their existence as a constant hindrance to the business world.

In a blatant attempt to unnecessarily undermine EU anti-discrimination policies, the Yorkshire and Humber MEP quipped "I think one of the most awkward questions I have been asked since I took my seat as a substitute member of the Women’s Committee is “What is it for?” I have to respond that I am not really sure. In point of fact I sometimes think it does active harm".

During the misogynistic diatribe, Mr Bloom outrageously claimed that "We have at the moment the absurd situation where a female applicant does not have to say if she is pregnant at an interview, whether she intends to get pregnant or indeed if she becomes pregnant if she intends to return to work".

To further insult the achievements of the women's movement in Europe, Bloom continued:

"Let us look at the lunatic Norwegian system of compulsory women in the boardroom. 40%! If I go to Norway (and I do) to negotiate a shipping contract I now do not know if the female director to whom I am talking is competent or a “token woman”. This is wicked and patronizing and I can assure everyone deeply resented by the business career woman."

Aside from Norway not being an EU member state and therefore not part of the women's committee (benefit of the doubt given to Mr Bloom's geographical knowledge), it is clear the antiquated UKIP attitude prevails: that women who are not prepared to sacrifice their maternal instincts should not be entitled to equal treatment in the workplace.

With typical contradiction, Mr Bloom concluded his tirade by adding "Women do not need special help over men, have faith in them, I do."

However, the existence of our current patriarchal business world and Mr Bloom's comments merely reiterate the need to reinforce legislation protecting the rights of female employees - and an EU-level representative committee.


In response to recent articles exposing his employment of Polish plasterers despite vehemently denouncing immigration, UKIP Leader Roger Knapman has justified his hypocracy by issuing the "true story" on the party web site.

See for yourselves…..


In his bid to protect the British pint from its apparently imminent annihilation, Yorkshire and Humber's Godfrey Bloom is attempting to win over his many critics - and the European Commission - by bribing fellow politicians and journalists with an assortment of British beers.

The MEP-cum-barmaid will be pulling pints - with hand pumps no less - in Place de Luxembourg, Brussels on Wednesday 31 May.

Not that we mind, just so long as he cleans properly behind the fridge afterwards.......


In protest at competition policy having led to shared broadcasting rights for Premiership football matches, sacked chat show host turned MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk has demanded a reimbursement from the EU for the extra cost he has apparently incurred.

Now, Mr Kilroy-Silk, what would you say if the EU were to demand a reimbursement for, let's say, having such an appalling parliament attendance record?

We look forward to hearing from you...

Monday, May 8

Interesting to see something of a lack of conviction from UKIP’s Roger Knapman.

The hypocritical party (Independent leader, p. 28): "It has been revealed that Roger Knapman, the leader of UKIP, is using Polish builders to renovate his grand house in Devon…UKIP were the only British group in the European Parliament to vote against allowing central and eastern European states, such as Poland, into the EU Mr Knapman's party was also deeply opposed to the right of any new entrant citizens to work in the UK, claiming there was no demand for imported labour. We should not forget either that UKIP tapped into some nasty xenophobic instincts in its general election manifesto by raising the spectre of "floods of migrants" coming into Britain."

Apparently a UKIP spokesman commented that Mr Knapman has used the builders “for their skills” and not because they were cheap. Shock horror, does this mean that UKIP recognise skilled workers from other countries have a legitimate use in this country? Surely not…