Monday, May 8

Interesting to see something of a lack of conviction from UKIP’s Roger Knapman.

The hypocritical party (Independent leader, p. 28): "It has been revealed that Roger Knapman, the leader of UKIP, is using Polish builders to renovate his grand house in Devon…UKIP were the only British group in the European Parliament to vote against allowing central and eastern European states, such as Poland, into the EU Mr Knapman's party was also deeply opposed to the right of any new entrant citizens to work in the UK, claiming there was no demand for imported labour. We should not forget either that UKIP tapped into some nasty xenophobic instincts in its general election manifesto by raising the spectre of "floods of migrants" coming into Britain."

Apparently a UKIP spokesman commented that Mr Knapman has used the builders “for their skills” and not because they were cheap. Shock horror, does this mean that UKIP recognise skilled workers from other countries have a legitimate use in this country? Surely not…


Anonymous said...

Refer to Roger Knapmans response on WWW.UKIP.ORG which vindicates his use of bona fide Polish craftsmen and fully answers his critics.
Mr Corbett MEP aligns himself with the prejudices about UKIP reflected by the Sunday Times for a cheap headline story.
Sad that an academic should choose to enter the mire of insulting nearly 3 million British voters.
(many more in 2009)

Anonymous said...

Roger Knapman vindicated by That's ok then.

Anonymous said...

This story really has rattled UKIPs leadership - more please!!!

EUKNOWHO said...

Knapman is universally hated amongst many in UKIP, and many of them CANNOT understand how this pointless little man manages to remain in the so-called leadership of UKRAP, sorry, UKIP.

If, and a big IF, UKIP had any principles, they would have demanded Kanpman apologise to UKIP's membership and electoral base, but they cannot, as they hold their party's membership in the same contempt as they hold the rest of the British pub.lic

Anonymous said...

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