Thursday, June 15

Kingscott gets up a head of steam

The is from the Financial Times' The Way We Live Now column....

There have been months of near tranquillity for Ukip, so a public row in the eurosceptic party was long overdue. Geoffrey Kingscott, general secretary, has obliged by resigning in frustration at having his authority undermined.

Last October Petrina Holdsworth, the chairman, quit after a leading MEP accused her of talking "a load of crap".

Before that, of course, Robert Kilroy-Silk, chat-show host turned wannabe world leader, also left in a huff, calling the party "a joke" run by a "self-serving cabal"…

Kingscott, a retired linguist, will have plenty to occupy his time. Having penned The Railways of Nottinghamshire and Last Train from Trent Station (not a thriller), he is now working on Lost Railways of Leicestershire and Rutland. Can't wait."

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