Thursday, June 15

Tory "softy" saves UKIP from new fall-out

"Apparently, UKIP members became embroiled in a row over the by-election when their candidate, Nigel Farage, suggested the party shouldn't stand. Farage insisted that since the Tories looked like selecting hardened Eurosceptic Syed Kamal, there was no point in pitting anyone against him. "A lot of us were miffed at that kind of approach and there ended up being a row," says one member. "We were keen to put up someone whatever happened. "But once that Euro-softy Bob Neill got in, Nige happily changed his tune.""

Source: The Independent's Pandora column.


Mike said...

The story would be slightly more credible if Farage hadn't held his press conference announcing his candidacy the day before Bomley Conservatives selected their candidate

Anonymous said...

Yes, as Farage had already declared his candidacy, the story is not believable. If there was any truth in it whatsoever surely it would have been raised at the Conservative selection meeting.