Monday, June 26


UKIP MEPs have again demonstrated their relentless opposition to diversity and inclusion by voting against a European Parliament resolution condeming the rise in xenophobia, racism and homophobia in some EU states at the June Strasbourg session.

As shown on the roll-call list, Gerard Batten, Roger Knapman, Mike Natrass, John Whittaker and Tom Wise, along with non-attached members Roger Helmer and Ashley Mote, appalling all voted against, with the remainder refusing even to fulfil their duty of taking part.

Whilst this outcome was only to be expected from the secessionists, it comes, paradoxically, just two weeks after East Midlands representative Derek Clark had supported his Labour counterpart Neena Gill in condemning the European Parliament for refusing entry to a group of Sikh lobbysists wishing to wear their ceremonial daggers.

Mr Clark said: "I will be writing in the strongest terms to the President of the European Parliament, protesting at what seems quite apparently to be racist behaviour on the part of the European Parliament and demanding an apology to the Sikh community".

These events, coupled with the Polish worker scandal that recently befell Roger Knapman, demonstate all the more that the internal inconsistencies within UKIP policies on diversity and discrimination are highlighting their status as an underdeveloped, one-issue party.

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