Monday, June 5

UKIP MEP Joins Mussolini & Le Pen in Opposing Human Rights

UKIP MEP Joins Mussolini & Le Pen in Opposing Human Rights

UKIP and their MEP Tom Wise have been slammed today (Friday 19th May) for joining with the far right to vote against a European Parliament report defending human rights. While the Human Rights report authored by Suffolk Euro MP Richard Howitt drew cross party support gaining a massive 522 votes, Mr. Wise joined teamed up with far right members Jean Marie Le Pen and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's grand-daughter Alessandra Mussolini to oppose.

The Howitt Report names and shames states where human rights abuses are occurring, as well as making solid recommendations of how the EU and individual member states can be more effective in halting torture, abuse, oppression and the trafficking of people for slavery and sexual exploitation.

Labour's Richard Howitt who authored the report stated:

"The protection of human rights are a vital concern and in authoring this report I built consensus across the political divide, reflected in an overwhelming majority voting for this report. Our aim is to promote human rights and to punish those repugnant regimes that practice horrendous torture and oppression.

"UKIP obviously think that effective human rights should be opposed, but I have seen the horrific scars of torture victims and heard their terrifying stories, and I can tell you that UKIP should hang their heads in shame. They should have to explain their vote personally to the victims of human rights abuses."

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Anonymous said...

I knew a bloke who had a friend who read a story about the gas chambers. It just goes to show what holocaust revisionists they are.

I had a scratch, there was a little blood, if it was bigger there would have been a lot of blood therefore I'm against human rights.

Give over you daft bastards and stop spinning. Go and waste your time in the European parliament.

Peter Gardner.