Monday, June 5

UKIP to fight Bromley and Chislehurst

UKIP's deputy leader Nigel Farrage is to fight the late Eric Forth's Bromley and Chislehurst seat.

Mr Farrage told Gallery News today that he will make his announcement on Friday.

"I have had an invitation to stand from our local branch. It was passed unanimously. I will make my announcement on Friday."

According to sources close to Mr Farrage, his campaign on a 'Lend Me Your Vote' and 'New Labour or Blue Labour'.

"The source said, " Despite the 13,000 majority, he is convinced he can win it. It could be a major shock for all three major parties. He will spell out that he would not expect them to vote for him at a General Election - but he will appeal to the Conservative voters to send a shot across the bows of the Tory party.

"His message will be to lend him the seat until the next General Election to warn the Tories not to get too cosy on Europe, immigration and taxation."

Asked if he intended to stand, Mr Farrage told Gallery News, "I am positively thinking in that direction. I do not think the Conservative party or Bromley and Chislehurst Conservatives will choose someone in the mould of Eric Forth."

He said Mr Forth, whose funeral took place last week, was a 'signed up member' of the Better Off Out (of the EU) campaign.

"We would not have put up a candidate against Eric Forth at the next General Election. We do not believe that the Conservative will select a candidate who will maintain traditional party policies on Europe, tax and immigration - policies where there is nothing to choose between the three main parties.

"What I expect is that the voters will be offered a choice between New Labour and Blue Labour.

"I will be making a statement on Friday and it will be surprising if I do not accept the unanimous invitation of the Bromley party to stand as their candidate."

Mr Farrage said he expected the Conservatives to select their candidate
on Saturday, the writ to be moved on Thursday next week and for the
by-election to be held on June 29.

The result at the 2005 General Election:

Eric Forth, Conservative 23,583 (51.1%)
Rachel Reeves, Labour 10,241 (22.2%)
Peter Brooks, Liberal Democrat 9,368 (20.3%)
David Hooper, UK Independence Party 1,475 (3.2%)
Ann Garrett, Green Party 1,470 (3.2%)

Conservative majority: 13,342

Source: Gallery News, House of Commons (Wednesday 31 May)


Mike said...

What hypocritical b****cks.

Farage says that UKIP would not have stood against Eric Forth at the next election yet they put up a candidate against him at last year's elections. Do they really think that Mr Forth's views changed in the last 12 months of his life?

UKIP have always stood against eurosceptic Conservatives. In 2005 they reserved their strongest campaigns for the seats with the most eurosceptic Conservative candidates - Eric Forth, Bill Cash, Douglas Carswell, Mark MacGregor.

This is more two-faced twaddle from Nigel Farage.

Cyburn said...

The real two-faced people are from the Tories, that they are putting an europhile as the candidate for this seat, when it was previously seated by a eurosceptic.

Also the Tories are abandoning their loyal eurosceptic supporters for the "hipper" Pro-EU leftie students

Anonymous said...

Indeed Mike. Once again UKIP's function will be to help Labour.