Monday, June 26

A voting record to be ashamed of

Experts have long been predicting a deadly pandemic influenza and with bird flu reaching Europe the European Parliament has been studying a report which, among other things, looked at minimising the chances of avian influenza mutating into a form transmissible between humans.

With the 1918 pandemic influenza estimated to have killed up to 50million people and HIV being clear evidence that viruses can cross from animals into humans, some sensible planning on the issue is obviously required.

As birds and viruses do not respect national boundaries international collaboration is also required.

UKIP ignored all of this though and added further ignominy to their voting record by voting against the measures this report recommended, measures which could help save millions of lives should a pandemic break out.

So it seems UKIP will stop at nothing to continue their protest against the EU, even when it means failing to support potentially life-saving actions.

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Anonymous said...

That's terrible. It really is. Why don't birds and viruses respect national boundaries?