Saturday, July 29

Leadership Update: Noakes Lets Rip

As the leadership contest gathers pace, here are some choice quotes from candidate David Noakes. NB He failed to get elected in Truro and St Austell last year, so let's not hold our breath....

Reiterating the party's usual absence of EU knowledge, Noakes is taking the alarmist approach once again, warning that "a vote for the Lib Dems, Conservatives or Labour is a vote for the EU police state". Oo-er!

And let's not overlook his intention to address every local councillor in the UK in order to "warn them they and their counties will be abolished by the EU Regionalisation Plan". Double oo-er!

Furthermore, as hilariously performed in his very unprofessional and most undignified YouTube film - aided by his super-star-in-the-making interviewer - he states that "the aim is to get every British person to make the link; EU equals police state".

I thought EU equalled European Union, but who am I to question Le Noakes!

Continuing to aggravate his self-humiliation, he garbles that "no MP should be able to hold a surgery without a UKIP member being present explaining the truth about the EU dictatorship and the fact that that MP will lose both his seat in Parliament once we are imprisoned in the EU".

A UKIP surveillance operation to impede democracy? Sounds a bit like a police state dont'cha reckon?!

Not to be outdone, Nigel Farage has made a shocking revelation: "UKIP is a national political party, and it must begin to act like one".

Who would have thought.....

Thursday, July 13


The UKIP Leadership election to find a successor for Roger Knapman has been scheduled for the 12 September with Nigel Farage considered favourite. Other candidates are party chairman David Campbell Bannerman, David Noakes and....... UKIP Wales chair Richard Suchorzewski.

Wales? Not particularly English is it guys, so one would assume he wouldn't be allowed to sit on your apparently much needed English Parliament.

And a Polish surname too.

How, erm, British.

Monday, July 3

UKIP kidding themselves over by-election

UKIP leader Nigel Farage declared himself pleased to have grabbed third place in the Bromley and Chislehurst by-election but the result is far from a ringing endorsement of the Eurosceptic party.

Tory candidate Bob Neill scraped in by the skin of his teeth with the Lib Dems coming within 633 votes of taking the seat.

With the Conservatives haemorrhaging votes (11,962 to be precise), a UKIP gain of 872 suggests people are not as fed up or scared of Europe as Farage and co would have us believe.

According to the Guardian, UKIP ploughed £75,000 into the by-election, a considerable sum for the return of votes they actually received.

In fact each of the 2,347 votes Farage picked up cost the princely sum of £31.96. Not exactly a bargain.