Tuesday, September 12

Farage may have eased to victory in the leadership race but there are seemingly plenty of people he has failed to convince.

The Scarborough and Whitby UKIP website provides us with the views of Anthony Butcher, a member of the UKIP NEC, who, before the votes took place observed the following...

"There are two possible winners in the 2006 UKIP leadership contest - Nigel Farage MEP and Richard Suchorzewski. Nigel Farage - who is an accomplished public performer - is part of the old guard, the defacto UKIP leader for the past decade and someone who gets things done but is dictatorial in management style thus making him a devisive figure. Nigel is the one 'more of the same' candidate. He brought Kilroy (who quit UKIP after getting elected to Brussels) into the party and was the instigator of the doomed Independence-Democracy group EU referendum petition campaign which attracted only two or three per cent of the target two million signatures and cost £180,000 of taxpayers' money (on the campaign). Nigel staked his reputation on the by-election in Bromley and Chislehurst in June 2006, and threw everything at it. The party spent more than £70,000 there, and the campaign had more leaflet deliverers and billboards than any other UKIP by-election battle ever. It was hyped as UKIP's best ever chance and claims were made of 22 per cent support locally were made to the media. Yet, despite the huge efforts of Nigel and so many others, the result was a big disappointment. UKIP received just eight per cent of the vote - worse than other UKIP by-election results (such as Hartlepool and South Staffordshire) that didn't have comparable funds, activists or internal resources. This poor result is now going to hang over Nigel's leadership bid. Nigel wants UKIP to remain an anti-EU party - if you want and anti-Eu party - vote for Nigel. Richard (whose primary goal is also to rescue the UK from the EU) wants UKIP to grow into a full pro-British party engaging on every domestic issue (as well as on the EU). If you want a pro-UK party - vote for Richard Suchorzewski."

So not a great result for the modernisers by the sounds of it.

Though, those strange 851 souls who wanted to see David Noakes made boss will be even more disappointed.


Anonymous said...

and what does the 7500 votes cast tell us about the true membership figure?

Anonymous said...

I thought my Labour party was introuble with the drop in membership - we will only need to lose two hundred thousand members to be the size of UKIP!

The party is a joke - its lost 2 MEPs (one formed his own party and the other is awaiting trial for benefit fraud!)

They don't know how many councillors they have...

Britains 4th party where 7,500 people vote in the election contest!