Thursday, September 14

Farage The Omniscient

Not that their voters had much choice, but Euro MP Nigel Farage has obviously been elected UKIP Leader to replace Roger Knapman MEP.

And as predicted, the former Dulwich College chap remains ambitious, reiterating the party's standard promises to maintain social class divides by increasing immigration controls, establishing a low tax economy and offering selective education.

Naturally, absurdity was never going to be too far away, with Mr Farage also pledging to make UKIP the largest party in the country by 2009.

Now we don't want to shatter your D:Reams, but......

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Blair Watcher said...

Who are the real Fascists ? You decide....

: One of Tony Blair's most important domestic achievements has to be the greater sense of security we now enjoy in Britain. I saw this in action in the centre of Manchester on Wednesday afternoon, in St Peter's Square, near the site of the Peterloo massacre.

A small group of protesters made the threatening gesture of attempting to release balloons into the air bearing messages of peace and opposition to war. This disturbance of the peace was dealt with quickly and effectively by members of the huge police force present there, who surrounded, then jostled, pushed and threatened those involved, including children and the elderly.

Whilst watching this take place I was issued a warning for committing a public order offence. Another young man observing these events wasn't so fortunate; for committing the crime of asking the police if they thought their response was excessive, he was wrestled to the ground by six officers, arrested, had a DNA sample taken and given an £80 fine.

It's lucky that so many police officers were drafted into Manchester from around the UK to deal with all the serious crimes committed during this Labour party conference. We were questioned by officers from Redditch in Worcestershire, whilst armed men helped a convicted armed robber escape from a custody vehicle in that very same town.

One young PC told us that we were lucky to be living in a democracy. In Tony Blair's Britain, who dares to even question it ?