Friday, September 8

Promises, promises

With the UKIP leadership contest finally approaching its conclusion it is worthwhile taking another look at some of the policies of the four candidates.

UKIP's attempts to present themselves as a serious, mainstream party have been let down by a variety of policies which range from the outrageous to the down right bizarre.

The Scarborough and Whitby UKIP website has provided us with a series of key points form each candidate. If you can bring yourself to read the entire, in-depth evaluation of each candidate click here.

David Campbell-Bannerman is perhaps typical of UKIP's obsession with political correctness - something he would to do away with all together.

He is quoted as saying: "We should sweep away the entire race, equality, and diversity industry. We should close down the Commissions based on equal opportunities, race disability and educational disadvantage, and require all public bodies, broadcasters and councils to drop diversity practices."

He continues: "It is clear this doesn't work, and PC quotas, social engineering and other Marxist related dogma all have to go."

He also states his desire for the UK to scrap the Human Rights Act and leave the European Convention of Human Rights saying: "Both merely codify the rights Britons have enjoyed for hundreds of years in any case, but actually undermine those rights."

Campbell-Bannerman also advocates English, Welsh and Scottish MPs meeting in their own countries once a month, though he recommends the Scottish Parliament should "be relocated to a smaller and less ugly building".

It is David Noakes, though, who is most responsible for hindering UKIP's attempts to portray themselves as serious.

His now infamous You Tube broadcast made clear his intention to "broadcast the terrible truth about the EU police state" and in a similar vein he warns journalists that the "EU plan to strip them of their freedom."

One of Noakes's key ideas is his intention to return power to the Monarchy! He sets out five clauses in a charter which the government would have to follow or otherwise be dismissed by the Monarch.

The first is: "The British government may not sign treaties or carry out any other action that might result in giving away its power or sovreignty without the consent of 66 per cent of the entire British electorate in two seperate ballots held five years apart. The Monarch should be allowed to immediately dismiss any government that breaches this rule."

Should he win, he also plans to hire a lorry to drive around Westminster with "EU Police State" warnings on the side while he describes members of UKIP as the "UK's freedom fighters".

But he trumps the lot with a his truly appalling and amoral suggestion that "A prisoner starting a life sentence shall be offered the chance to save the nation the millions it will cost to keep him by electing for a lethal injection. In return £100,000 will be shared equally by his family and his victim (or family)."

There is no mention of whether Noel Edmonds will adjudicate this macabre version of Deal or No Deal.

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