Wednesday, October 25


Joseph Fox, chairman of the Reigate, Epsom and Mole Valley branch of UKIP, seems to know a thing or two about forward-thinking environmental policy. Just check out this ill-informed and potentially destructive piece of advice in this letter to Redhill Life on 19 October:

"You suggest that landfill space will run out in about nine years (Life, October 11). Not true. There are plenty of holes in the ground that need filling, and there will always be more so long as we continue to make glass out of sand and bricks out of clay.

"The truth is that the European Union, through its Landfill Directive, has banned this form of waste disposal.

"Leaving aside the point that Britain leads the world in hygienic landfill, we should ask ourselves what possible business of the EU's this is.

"Perhaps our brilliant negotiators in Brussels agreed to this imposition in return for being allowed to keep double-decker buses - which the EU had plans to ban. It's the way our lives our governed these days. Did the party you voted for even mention the EU?"

By overlooking the fact that a) Britain is an island with a limited capacity to inter refuse, b) double deckers needed replacing to enable passengers with disabilities to use them and reduce emissions and c) all political parties brought the EU into their election campaigns, these primitive and unfounded scribblings merely indicate why Mr Fox is chair of his local branch and not party leader.

However, if Foxy were to donate his own garden for landfill, there would be little hesitation by British citizens to bury biodegradable waste there.

Notably the worthless and unworkable paper UKIP policies are written on.

Monday, October 16


UKIP have once again resisted EU attempts to secure human rights for its citizens by opposing the creation of a Fundamental Rights Agency. The proposal to establish the EU body to monitor human rights violations within Member States followed an alarming recrudescence of xenophobia, racism and homophobia, predominantly in Eastern Europe.

The Independence and Democracy group in the European Parliament, to which UKIP belong, tabled the amendment to reject the establishment of the agency and voted in favour, along with like-minded contemporaries Roger Helmer, Ashley Mote, Belgian Vlaams Belang chair Frank Vanhecke and French National Front MEPs Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen. Former UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk, now a non-attached member, opted for an abstention.

Even more shocking than his voting record was Mr Kilroy-Silk's actual attendance in a Brussels plenary.

Wednesday, October 11


As posted on the British Independence and Democracy Forum, Richard Suchorzewski's self-pitying and somewhat self-incriminating resignation letter/UKIP diatribe can be found in full on the link below.

Doesn't appear to be any sign of this on the UKIP web site. Funny.

Tuesday, October 10

Suchorzewski resigns, blasting Farage and UKIP

Richard Suchorzewski, who came second to Nigel Farage in the recent UKIP leadership contest has quit the party, saying he can’t support it under the leadership of Nigel Farage.

In a lengthy resignation letter, published on the Democracy Forum, Suchorzewski accuses Farage, David Bannerman and their respective staff of a series of personal attacks on him. He also lists his concerns about fraud, the party’s transparency, moral integrity and even goes as far to question if Farage has links with the BNP.

As you will read it's a damning indictment of UKIP.

Some selected extracts from his letter:

“When I stood for the leadership election I did so, on a ticket of Transparency, Integrity and Equality. I knew there were significant problems with the Party, and also believed that the moral integrity of a number of people at the top left much to be desired.”

“Nothing however prepared me for the scurrilous behaviour, defamatory comments and downright dishonesty of some of Nigel Farage’s & David Bannerman’s staff, supporters and members of the Press Office staff, in which they clearly colluded. “

“I was accused of having associations with the BNP – even when these scoundrels knew that my grandfather was murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp and my Great Grandfather was discovered hanged by them from a lamp post near his home by my 14 year old Father.”

“I was accused of being a homosexual, despite no evidence of this.“

“I was accused of having ‘run up’ a company debt of £4millions in one of my businesses when these accusers knew that I had purchased the company with secured debts, that it had already accrued, amounting to £4millions of losses.”

“I called for Party unity behind the new leader Nigel Farage, regardless of how he had gained his new position. I hoped this would in some way result in a change of attitude. Clearly it did NOT. Farage colluded with, and thus endorsed the scurrilous behaviour. He was not prepared for his staff to apologise for the BNP allegations as he felt that the issue ‘would go away’ – and he tried to justify the concern on the basis that a fellow NEC member David Abbott volunteered his support of my leadership candidacy.”

Farage has also claimed that a long term associate of his, Greg Lance-Watkins is a supporter and associate of the BNP, of which I have seen no evidence – yet this seems to besmirch my reputation, as G.L-W. openly supported my candidacy. This logic that UKIP’s new leader has adopted if seriously applied, must call into question his own credentials, bearing in mind both his long term association with G.L-W. and that the BNP actually refused to stand against Farage, and supported, his candidacy at the Bromley by-election. Does this make Nigel a BNP supporter?”

“On financial and transparency issues, I believe a cloud still overhangs the Ashford call centre and various aspects of UKIP accounts. Also the financial dealings and involvement in fraud, (as exposed by the media), of Tom Wise, one of UKIP’s MEPs, have not adequately been resolved. Likewise there has been a lack of transparency of others. I have contended that funding mechanisms are too heavily reliant on the EU, as this makes us subservient to the very body from which we wish to disassociate and which we openly accuse of corruption particularly in the area of accounting!”

“I was more than surprised that he allowed his cronies, supporters and certain staff to openly and reprehensibly lie and rubbish a loyal UKIP member, with elected duties, who devoted the last 2 years of his life, full time, unpaid, to help UKIP progress.”

Source: British Independence and Democracy Forum

Sunday, October 1


Euro MP Tom Wise failed to impress his contemporaries this week with yet another puerile UKIP contribution to an intense discussion on the merits of an attractive and intelligent Hungarian female MEP, Lívia Járóka.

Whilst politicians across the spectrum leapt to her defence following an appallingly sexist remark by Danish right-wing MEP Mogens Camre, the East of England member entered the e-mail debate to quote George Bernard Shaw in an attempt to get a bit of attention, adding:

"I am reminded of the George Bernard Shaw comment on combining brains and beauty. When it was a suggested by a delightful young lady that with his brains and her beauty their children would be future superfolk, GBS replied 'Ah yes, but what if they had your brains & my beauty?'


Unsurprisingly, not one MEP responded, especially once he had been outshone by an even more racist and sexist Bulgarian observer, whose outrageous comments were universally panned, taking the debate to a whole new level.

Source: European Parliament


Steven Cornwell, the UKIP candidate for Milton Keynes South West in the 2005 general election, has been sentenced to a three-month jail term, suspended for a year, at Aylesbury Crown Court following a child pornography conviction.

The 46-year from Monkston, Bucks, pleaded guilty to six charges of manufacturing indecent images of children, one charge of possessing them and one count of possessing a further 1,550 other indecent images between January 2003 and April 2005. Mr Cornwell admitted to acquiring some of the 127 level 1 to 4 pictures through chat rooms and file sharing but denied purchasing any by credit card.

In addition, the father of two and secretary of the Milton Keynes and Borders Counties Youth Football League was ordered to pay ₤1,500 in legal costs over a six-month period and surrender his computer equipment, as reported by the Milton Keynes Citizen on 26 September.