Friday, November 24

There’s always been infighting within UKIP, for a start they never seem to be able to agree upon what the truth is. Depending on who in UKIP you talk to, for example, European legislation accounts for anywhere between 50% and 95% of UK law (the real figure being 9% as I keep telling you!).

Their latest disagreement is even more bizarre. Apparently they can’t even decide on how many elected councillors they have. See this discussion on a UKIP messageboard to see the arguments!

I particularly enjoyed the quote given from UKIP HQ:

“UKIP officials estimate they have between 30 and 50 district and borough councillors”.

I wonder why it is so hard for them to actually count. It’s not as if they even have that many!


Anonymous said...

This the worst website\blog I have ever seen. What a waste of bandwidth and disk space.

Why dont you people start working WITH the true British people instead of trying to destroy the British people.

You will see UKIP and the BNP gain more and more votes over the coming months\years and then at the next general election you are your kind will be swept away into history.

Ryan Newell said...

The'ukip message board' to which you refer is not a ukip messageboard. It is not even run by UKIP members.
If your going to post info on here, please please get yourmfacts sorted first.

chameleon said...

The figure for legislation in some way connected to the EU is 70-80%, according to the Government of Germany. I don't know where the other figures are from.

Anonymous said...

chameleon, You're right. I have read the German figure elsewhere. Richard Corbett is being disingenuous if he argues that only 9% of UK law is EU based unless he is including every law made since 1215. The fact is that current legislation, which replaces much earlier legislation, is largely derived from EU regulation. The UK governemnt does not have the power to overrule EU regulations and has to implement them within a given time. Whole areas of law are now EU 'competencies' and the UK is unable to initiate primary legislation lest it clash with new EU regualtions.

Anonymous said...

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