Wednesday, December 12

Former UKIP leadership rival alleges more un-Wise sleaze

The magnificently barmy contributors to the Democracy Forum have been in fine form in recent weeks. It’s always fun to see how jaw-droppingly detached from reality these people are – especially as a number of the contributors are UKIP officials or work for UKIP in the European Parliament.

One recent thread started with reports that Tom Wise had been taken ill with contributors taking the opportunity to, in uncharitable UKIP style, stick the boot in and share their two cents worth on the investigations into his alleged embezzling of funds from his assistance allowance.

The delightfully bonkers David Noakes, himself a former UKIP leadership candidate, claims that “Tom Wise frauduently claimed a total of £180,000 for an assistant, and instead used the money for himself. A small part of it, for example, he used to buy a car. All of that was illegal and criminal. Tom Wise has had the UKIP whip suspended because he was embezzling, as GC, given how close he is, well knows.”

Carefully chosen words!

But it goes on, with Noakes alleging that: “Tom Wise has wasted a fabulously powerful position as an MEP with which he could have made real progress against the EU.”

He's betrayed tens of thousands of UKIPpers, is at last suspended from UKIP as an embezzler, but his misdeeds against UKIP are legion, like taking UKIP's wine distribution system and the membership list (breaking the Data Protection Act) and using it for private profit, and he has admitted committing fraud.

He is the worst of an appalling bunch of UKIP MEP's, living off the fat of the EU gravy train. His glutton's lifestyle at our expense is responsible for his deteriorating health.”

Now David Noakes may have a history of making outlandish claims but these are serious allegations.

Is Tom Wise going to take legal action or are do these claims have even an ounce of truth. I think we should be told

Tuesday, December 11

Ashley Mote - devoted public servant seeks justice

Former UKIP MEP and king of the brass-neck Ashley Mote continues to fight for justice. The loveable cricket writer and part-time fraudster is appealing against his conviction for 21 counts of benefit fraud according to the Portsmouth News, in a story that will doubtless having Nigel Farage foaming at the mouth with fake fury in every TV or radio studio he can get near.

The way Mote gives the British public the v-sign at every opportunity is quite breathtaking. Having been released from jail and electronically tagged after serving 2 months out of a 9 month sentence you’d think that most people would be relieved not to spend Christmas doing porridge. Not Ashley. Instead, he complains that “I am confined to my home during the evening which, obviously, is a real bind”!!!

However, it’s not all bad news, with the former U-kipper helpfully explaining that a friendly governor at the prison had allowed him to do his constituency work normally. He adds that “this meant that my staff and constituents did not suffer as a result of my imprisonment. I had, and still have, a job to do, and will continue to do it”. Thank goodness for such a dutiful public servant whose limitless devotion to duty restricted him to de-frauding the tax payer of a trifling £70,000.

The cynics amongst us might point out that Mote has been a notoriously idle MEP whose main contribution to political life has been the odd ranting letter in the Telegraph. Not to put too fine a point on it - being Ashley Mote is a damn good schive. Still, Ash has promised to return to the European Parliament early in the New Year – UKIPwatcher would be very grateful if people in the Parliament could alert her if there are any spottings!

At least there is one crumb of comfort for the taxpayer – Mote’s £60,000 salary means that he is not eligible to claim legal aid to cover the expense of his appeal, although it probably won’t stop this seasoned fraudster from trying to pull another fast one.

Thursday, December 6

UKIPs shameful stance on gun control

A notable victory in tackling gun crime was sealed last week when the European Parliament agreed a deal with the Council of Ministers on the control of the acquisition and possession of weapons.

This will ensure that all weapons are marked and recorded to help police trace weapons to those who legally bought them; include convertible weapons in European countries' gun control laws; and ensure that people with violent crime convictions are not able to buy guns.

It would be naïve and inaccurate to claim that this law will mark an end to all gun crime, but it is a damn good start. The Association of Chief Police Officers has strongly supported the legislation.

The inclusion of convertible weapons is particularly good news for the UK. While the UK has the strictest standards on gun control in the EU, at present, it is possible to buy guns which fire, for example, blanks or gas, and then smuggle them into the UK where they are modified to fire live bullets. Indeed, nearly half the weapons seized by police in Manchester are conversions.

So there you have it, a measure that will cut crime in the UK, raise standards across the EU towards those in the UK, bring the EU Member States into line with the UN Protocol on Firearms and was endorsed by every political party and group in the European Parliament and the police - but not UKIP.

No doubt UKIP will try to defend their stance with their brand of usual witless sophistry, but would it really hurt their pride just to admit that, in this case, the 27 EU countries and 98% of MEPs got it right and UKIP were wrong?

Thursday, November 15

Saga of malingering Mote takes new twist....

The Ashley Mote saga becomes more hilarious by the minute!

Poor Ashley - the walking UKIP-embarrassment will be unable to assiduously represent his constituents in the European Parliament following his (disgracefully) early release from the slammer. The notoriously pompous Mr Mote will have his dignity further offended by being forced to wear an electronic tag and observe the home detention curfew scheme. The Ministry of Justice have confirmed that he won't be given special permission to attend to Parliament business in Brussels or Strasbourg saying - "he will not get any special treatment". Sheer comedy gold - you couldn't make it up!!!

To further extract the urine out of the taxpayer, Mote is appealing against the court order that he must pay back the £70,000 he conned out of the public purse. No doubt the funny fellow will stand for re-election in eighteen months time as well.

The boy Nigel frothed with faux rage at the news saying - "the whole episode is an outrage….I have never heard anything like it". Damn right Nigel - no rational person can believe this crook was selected by UKIP as one of their premier candidates.

Mote, UKIP and a bunch of TITS

So, it looks as though disgraced former UKIP MEP and convicted benefit fraudster Ashley Mote has been released from prison and will be re-taking his seat in the European Parliament - much to the chagrin of one of the jurors on his case. However, poor ol' Ash's party the Independence, Tradition and Sovereignty group (or TITS for short) collapsed this week after one of their member (Mussolini's granddaughter Alessandra Mussolini, to whom, UKIPwatch's chum Godfrey Bloom is particularly attached) said that all Romanians were criminals. This caused predictable outrage, and led the Romanian far-right to withdraw their members from the group, causing it to fall below the minimum threshold of 20 MEPs required to be classified as a political group.

All of which means that Ashley is, again, without a political home. However, help is surely at hand - UKIP are haemorrhaging members and may well offer Ash a second chance. After all, it makes sense - TITS were a bunch of racists and homophobes and UKIP, erm, are a bunch of racists and homophobes.

In this light it is interesting that the re-doubtable England Expects blog which is run by a (clearly easily inflamed) UKIP official has taken umbrage that people get confused between UKIP and ITS. If the cap fits boys……....

Wednesday, November 7

Tom Wise and OLAF - the neverending saga

UKIPwatcher is a little bemused by the latest pronouncements by one of UKIPs most able MEPs Tom Wise.

Mr Wise, lest we forget, is currently being investigated by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) for allegedly siphoning £36,000 of public money into his own bank account while claiming it was for the salary of an assistant.

Not very Wise says that he expects to be cleared by OLAF despite admitting wrong-doing, saying "I handled funds I should not have handled, that I should not have been handling". Ah, but it's all ok, voters because - "then I put my hand up to it". Hmm….when is an admission of guilt not an admission of guilt?

Similar confusion continues to exist on Wise's status as a UKIP MEP - has he been suspended or not. Never fear, clarification is here. The UKIP spokesman said - "we have restored the whip in order that if has it we can discipline him. If he was outside it and OLAF ruled against him, we can not discipline him as far as we are aware as a UKIP MEP". Now that makes sense doesn't it………

A cynic might think that this is little more than sophistry. But then an honest party like UKIP would never resort to spinning would they? Oh.

Before being elected in 2004 Tom Wise was a policeman. Scary isn't it?

Wednesday, October 31

Helmer and UKIP - a match made in heaven or a mere flight of fancy?

UKIP may have haemorrhaged party members and MEPs since 2004, but perhaps help is at hand from an unlikely source - step forward the Tories' answer to Godfrey Bloom, the egregious Roger Helmer MEP. Mr Helmer is, like most UKIP MEPs, a climate change denier who told Tory party conference, "You either believe it or you don't, ….and in my case, I don't!", adding "this whole issue has got completely out of hand. It has become a new religion. You have to believe it. If you do not believe it, you are a heretic. They would like to burn us at the stake - using recycled faggots!"

Furthermore, as a member of Better Off Out and the deeply-ironically named Freedom Association, Helmer is surely a u-kipper in disguise.

Or maybe not…

Perhaps this less than flattering article from UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford is the reason why Helmer remains a recalcitrant Tory happiest embarrassing his party leader rather than a fully-fledged u-kipper.

UKIPs poor show

Came across this piece of comedy gold on YouTube from the pro-referendum rally at the weekend. You've got to love Nigel Farage's spinning of the risible turnout of a few hundred hardened europhobes, including a number of activists from the BNP and the British Communist party. Not surprising when the main speakers are Gerard (Enoch) Batten, Nigel and Roger Helmer - but even UKIP have more than a few more members than this (or have they).

Watch out for a mighty performance from Devil's Kitchen, demonstrating again why he (and his UKIP colleagues) are clearly suffering from an advanced sense of paranoia and need to have a good lie down before entering reality again. Honestly....mad as a march hare.

Thursday, October 25

Gerard Batten - UKIPs Enoch Powell

Yesterday the European Parliament saw UKIPs Gerard Batten try to stake out his claim as Enoch Powell's spiritual heir during a debate on Serbia's relations with the EU.

In one passage he complained that if Serbia joined the EU, this would "import their historic hatreds and blood feuds onto British soil". He also referred to Britain being "swamped with immigrants and asylum seekers". Echoes of 'rivers of blood' methinks…

Mr Batten would do well to listen to the words of Paddy Ashdown (who, unlike the hapless Gerard, knows a thing or two about the Balkans) who described EU-Western Balkans relations as "unfinished business" adding that using the internal market as an incentive to force political reform in the Western Balkans is "the genius of Europe", while Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume described the EU as "the best example in the history of the world of conflict resolution".

Still, it's much easier just to come out with prejudiced diatribes and scare stories about Britain being taken over by immigrants and ridden with ethnic violence than it is to be constructive....

Tuesday, October 23

So how many of our laws are decided at EU level? Depends which u-kipper you ask...

Nigel Farage's recent claim that 75% of UK laws are made in 'Brussels' has intrigued UKIPwatcher.

UKIP wannabe Roger Helmer (the Godfrey Bloom of the Tory party) claimed on the Better Off Out website that the true figure is 80%.

Even more curiously, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass is convinced that, in fact, a stonking 90% of UK laws come from the EU, a full 30% more than UKIP leadership contender and current Deputy Leader David Campbell-Bannerman. UKIP Scotland claims that it is in fact 80%. So there you have it, as far as UKIP are concerned it could be anywhere between 60-90% - depending on who you ask.

The most recent report by the House of Commons library estimated that 9% of UK legislation is decided at EU level. Perhaps the Commons library will publish another report to end this nonsense once and for all.

It seems that every time u-kippers are asked this question they pick a number a random. Perhaps UKIP can just decide on a figure and stick to it - the current farce may be fun for the onlooker, but is little more than a political version of pin the tail on the donkey.

Monday, October 22

UKIP's new finance guru

The news that UKIP have appointed Marta Andreasen as their new accountant is a delicious piece of irony. Never let be said that these clowns don't have a sense of humour.

Nigel Farage, king of understatement said that UKIP had endured "some unfortunate events in recent months" - too right, Ashley Mote's in jail for benefit fraud, Tom Wise has been suspended (and then unsuspended) pending investigation into embezzlement charges, while Farage has spent most of the year making court appearances as part of his party's long running battle with the Electoral Commission (lest we forget, the Electoral Commission ruled that £360,000 of UKIP donations were "impermissible" and criticised UKIP for handing in its accounts over a year late).

Ms Andreasen once described UKIPs multi-million budget as "an open till waiting to be robbed" (oh sorry, I meant the Commission). Given the somewhat neanderthal attitude of prominent UKIP MEPs towards women she will have her work cut out.

Still, best of luck to you Marta. You're going to need it.

Thursday, October 18

Is Tom Wise in UKIP? The saga continues......

The long-running farce over Tom Wise's suspension from UKIP continues. Mr Wise, lest we forget, is currently under investigation for alleged misuse of public money to the tune of around £35k and was suspended from the party by the UKIP NEC in February this year. However, he did not go quietly, criticising the decision which he asserted was "not lawful or binding". Now it appears, that UKIP agrees, stating that (and you've gotta love the quote from the "UKIP spokesman"): "Tom Wise has been unsuspended pending a disciplinary hearing".

This is brilliant, but it gets better. According to the Luton on Sunday, UKIP officials expect Mr Wise to be officially suspended from the party following a disciplinary hearing set to happen in the next couple of weeks!

Sheer genius! UKIP really couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.

UKIP and the BNP - two cheeks of the same arse

The fraternal brotherhood of the British extreme right is not what it should be. At last week's UKIP conference, their comrades from the fascist BNP paid a visit to hand out leaflets and literature to the several hundred delegates. According to the BNP, "a substantial proportion of BNP activists are themselves former UKIP members".

It appears that this selfless act of intellectual enrichment was not welcomed by some of UKIPs younger contingent who "became hysterical and aggressive… ranting and screaming... and tried snatching leaflets out of the hands of UKIP delegates" (sounds like fairly typical UKIP behaviour to anyone who has attended a public meeting with a UKIP speaker).

The bottom line is that UKIP has lost a third of its members since the 2004 election, a quarter of its MEPs have either been suspended, gone AWOL or are in jail, they are the seventh largest party in local government (fewer councillors than the old Liberal party) and not even their own MEPs and officials take their party seriously. Given that UKIP and the BNP have swapped candidates and members for some time now, it is not surprising that the BNP feels that UKIPs vulnerability means they can poach some of their members.

Much as it is stomach turning that the BNP (of all people) have the sheer brass-neck to complain about "thuggish" behaviour by UKIP activists, it serves to remind us that, after all, UKIP and the BNP are two cheeks of the same arse.

Monday, October 15

Whittaker taken to tribunal

Another day another UKIP MEP hauled before the courts.

A former employee of John Whittaker has taken him to court for constructive dismissal, after her job was reportedly advertised while she was off sick recovering from a stroke. Nice.

The case is ongoing but there is more here on the Lancashire Telegraph's website.

Thursday, October 4

What's the view like from the moral high ground Tom?

As Alisher Usmanov gamely battles to stretch the Premiership's description of a "fit and proper person" further still, his pursuit of Arsenal hasn't passed the canny eye of one MEP who condemned him as a "gangster and racketeer".

And who is this plucky politico? None other than Tom Wise. The same Tom Wise who is currently being investigated by the EU's anti-fraud office for siphoning off about £40,000 of taxpayers' money to his own account.

The whole kettle and pot situation echos Ashley Mote's brave fight against fraud in the EU. Before he was jailed for fraud.

Down in the dumps

There is of course more to politics than the power of personality, which is good news for UKIP as they continue to quietly bumble along.

While not off the radar just yet, UKIP's beloved leader garnered some coverage from an appearance at a fringe meeting at the Lib Dem conference. According to the BBC he was, rather predictably, booed and heckled throughout, behaviour Mr Farage himself would of course never indulge in. Oh.

But at least Nigel made it into the Telegraph's "The Right's 100 Most Influential" but to the dismay of UKIPers he was in at just 48.

Farage finds himself behind such renown right-wing figures as Lib Dem MP Nick Clegg and the director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, which is all rather dull but it's always reassuring to see the Devil's Kitchen has yet to untwist his knickers.

More entertainment awaits because this weekend it's UKIP's conference! See you at the Troxy.

Wednesday, September 19

More UKIP spinning on Mote

Not too surprisingly, the England Expects blog has set forth its own spin on Ashley Mote's recent imprisonment. This is unsurprising since England Expects is run by Gawain Towler, UKIPs urbane press officer in the European Parliament. In this case Gawain is spinning so hard that Monty Panesar is worrying about his place in the England team

: "the British courts have been trying to try the man for years, but the EU institutions allowed him to play the system."

However, Gawain is batting on a very sticky wicket here (as usual). On receiving the request to waiver Mr. Mote's immunity it took the European Parliament four months to waiver it. From that point on it was the British Courts' responsibility to imprison him; they did not. This eventually resulted in Mr. Mote's appeal against the waiver in 2007 - which the European Parliament denied in two months. But had the British Courts imprisoned him the first time around it would have never got to that stage.

So, he "played" the EU system for 6 months in total; whereas he played the British Courts for over three years.

Unfortunately for UKIP, Ashley Mote will not lose his seat and will keep his salary despite going to the slammer for nine months, allowing other parties to continue shaming UKIP for selecting him as one of their leading candidates. This is, much as UKIP would like to pretend otherwise, because of British law. MEP employment conditions are governed by whichever EU state they are elected in.

However, as Private Eye pointed out, if Mote were French then he would no longer be an MEP. French fascist Jean Marie Le-Pen got a three month suspended sentence for assault back in 1998 and had to give up his seat. Hmmnn maybe UKIP and the UK could learn something these foreigners…..

UKIP takes on her Maj

So, it appears that UKIP are having yet another run in with the law, with this amusing article in the Sunday Express (I never thought I would say that!!). UKIP has been banned from selling traditional British passport covers featuring the royal coat of arms - by the Queen!

These souvenir passport covers are adorned with the words "British passport" and are available in black, blue and pink, costing a princely £5. But now the Lord Chamberlain, one of the chief officers of the royal household, has written to party leader Nigel Farage, ordering an end to the sales on the grounds that the royal coat of arms is protected under law and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Farage, who attracts controversy and court appearances like flies to shit said the ban was "a heavy-handed attempt to make us accept Euro-style passports" and vowed to fight the move.

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said the Lord Chamberlain's office had contacted a number of suppliers and manufacturers of the old-style passport covers.
She said: "This has become quite a serious issue because the coat of arms is protected by law. We have written to a number of companies who sell and supply these passport covers.

"The coat of arms now appears only on the inside of a passport and on other official documents. The coat of arms is protected by law from misuse.

"Passport covers are souvenirs and therefore the royal coat of arms is not allowed to be used on them. It is the job of the Lord Chamberlain's office to police this and to point out the error of their ways to people who misuse it."

Mr Farage replied: "Nothing is below their attention when it comes to promoting the EU, it seems.

"It's another step along the ever-shortening road to an integrated Europe. That's right, Nigel - the Royal Household are just a bunch of EU funded federalists, aren't they?

"The last chance for a proper British passport without the ghastly EU on it has now gone." Whatever you say Nigel - last time I checked my new passport it told me I was still a British citizen!

However, Judith Hartley Brewer unfortunately blotted her copy book by recycling the Euro-lie that we are to lose the Queen's head from our passports - a complete fabrication which even arch-eurosceptic Richard North on the EU referendum site has admitted.

Tuesday, September 4

Vote UKIP get jailed fascist

So, after three and half years of evasion and delay, former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote has finally been jailed for 9 months after being convicted of 21 counts of fraud at Portsmouth Crown Court.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to respond, stating that he was “disgusted and horrified” by the “leniency” of the sentence. Of course, Mote’s sentence is the worst possible result for UKIP, who were desperately hoping he would get more than one year which would have forced him to resign, with the vacant seat falling to the next UKIP candidate on the list at the 2004 European election.

Incidentally, this verdict should come as a relief to the people of South-East England. Out of the 12 elected UKIP MEPs, Mote has been convicted of benefit fraud while East of England UKIP MEP Tom Wise is also facing allegations of misuse of public money. Besides, given that most UKIP MEPs, with several honourable exceptions, are famed for their idleness, Ashley Mote in prison will probably do more work than a UKIP replacement would.

As it is, in 2008 Mote will return to sit with Jean Marie Le Pen in the neo-fascist Identity, Sovereignty and Tradition group in the European Parliament. The message seems to be 'vote UKIP get jailed fascist'.

No insurance for flood victims says Bloom

Gregarious buffoon Godfrey Bloom is a gossip columnist’s dream – the politician with an unerring knack to come out with ill-informed, offensive tosh every time he opens his mouth. One has to sympathise with Godders’ staff since they are presumably the only people on the planet who take him seriously.

His latest pearl of wisdom focuses on the impact of the flooding which has destroyed thousands of homes in Yorkshire and Humberside over the past few months. Five out of six of the region’s MEPs have campaigned to secure financial aid from the EU. Apart from Godfrey it appears, who has instead decided to campaign for the hapless homeowners to be prevented from getting home insurance in the future. According to UKIP’s voice of reason: “I don’t have a home on a flood plain and don’t see why I should subsidise some idiot who does”.

Well said Godfrey! They were just asking for trouble weren’t they?!

Thursday, August 30

Mote hands in passport

Being elected a Member of the European Parliament for UKIP: £60,000
Obtaining money through benefit fraud: £73,000
Having your passport confiscated by a judge because he deems you deceitful, after being found guilty of benefit fraud and threatened with prison: Priceless.

Yes, the indignities just keeps piling up for poor old Ashley.

Mote asked the judge for a couple of weeks to sort out his parliamentary business but was instead granted a truly withering dressing down.

Fearing Mote might go on the run, Judge Price explained: "I have observed him over the past three weeks of this trial and he has showed deceit after deceit."

The judge continued: "During the course of this trial I have watched almost with incredulity your deceit about money. Even now I cannot say with any certainty that I know what your real financial position is or what assets you have or have not got."

And with that went his passport and official parliament papers.

A shame really as an audacious escape bid featuring Jean Marie Le Pen driving the getaway vehicle and Alessandra Mussolini wisecracking at custom officials would have made a great film.

For more on Mr Mote's case, click here

Tuesday, August 21

Ashley Mote, elected as UKIP’s MEP for the South East, was told by a judge he faces a jail sentence after being found guilty of fraud.

Mote, who recently wrote an article criticising the way the EU conducts its accounts, was found guilty of eight charges of false accounting, eight charges of obtaining a money transfer by deception, four charges of evading liability and one charge of failing to notify of a change of circumstances.

When UKIP found out what a crook they had selected to represent their party in the South East, Mote was symbolically booted out of the far-right UKIP Party and their Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament. The former UKIP man then joined the ultra-right neo-fascist Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty Party.

Although UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to condemn Mote following the guilty verdict, Tom Wise, another UKIP MEP under investigation for fraudulent use of office funds remains in the party. Farage pleaded ignorance as to why Mote was allowed to join the party in the first place, but he should surely be worried that MEPs he selected to represent his party had previously been involved in criminal activities and decide to join far-right neo-fascist parties.

Mote was released on bail, having to surrender his British and diplomatic passports, and has to return to court on August 31st for sentencing.

Monday, July 30

UKIP's cash flow crisis

So UKIP is facing an acute cash flow crisis with the Sunday Telegraph reporting John Whittaker's admission that the troubled party has between £5,000 and £10,000 left in its coffers.

Whittaker, UKIP's president and MEP for the North-West, made the admission during a court hearing as part of UKIP's battle with the Electoral Commission (the commission took legal action against UKIP over illegal donations worth more than £360,000 from UKIP donor Alan Bown). Funny, UKIPwatcher seems to remember Devil's Kitchen insisting that UKIP's accounts were all in order and that everything was in hand. Apparently not.

According to the Telegraph, UKIP received donations totalling £141,000 in 2006 compared with £1.7m in 2004 - not very surprising considering that UKIP MEP Tom Wise is under investigation for embezzling public money and former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote is on trial for £70,000 worth of benefit fraud.

Alan Bown has given more than £1m to UKIP and, now that Yorkshire multi-millionaire Paul Sykes, who bankrolled UKIP's 2004 European election campaign, seems to have pulled the plug on further funding, he is ploughing an increasingly lonely furrow. Besides, Bown may be very wealthy, but UKIP have spent over £7m over the past six years yet their only parliamentary representatives outside Brussels are a couple of ex-Tory peers in the unelected House of Lords. With the party polling around 1-2% in the UK and yet to come even remotely close in a Westminster by-election, Mr Bown could be forgiven for not wanting to throw good money after bad on a busted flush like UKIP.

Thursday, July 26

UKIP and the BNP planned merge?

Whilst surfing the internet late one evening I stumbled upon a remarkable claim that UKIP and the BNP had planned last year to merge to form an uber far-right party!

It was Iain Dale who had found the original story on the Cross of St George website that claimed a merger had been negotiated by a UKIP leadership candidate.

As both the BNP & UKIP are haemorrhaging support to the English Nationalist movement, (led by the English Democrats), it has emerged that one of the UKIP leadership candidates, has negotiated a “make or break” plan to merge the rump of the BNP & UKIP parties together with the DUP Northern Irish party (Democratic Unionist Party) into a new British Nationalist Party to become the dominant Euro-Sceptic Pro-Union force in the UK.

Speculation is mounting that the new combined party will be called the “British Independence & Democracy Party” or “BIDP”, and indeed the UKIP discussion forum has already changed it’s name in preparation for this change.
It does seem unlikely and it would surely be political suicide for UKIP to actually admit they had the links with the BNP they are widely believed to have?

However, if you click on a link to UKIP's forum you may notice you are redirected a forum of a different name...


Wednesday, July 25

Mote finally in the dock

Former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote's fraud trial began last week. Mote is alleged to have fleeced taxpayers out of more than £70,000 in false benefit claims so that he could lead an "extravagant lifestyle". Mote, now an independent MEP for South-east England, frequently dined out and took holidays in the US, France and the Caribbean. He allegedly claimed State benefits even though he was pocketing "substantial sums" of cash through business interests in two companies. Portsmouth Crown Court heard that the offences were committed between 1996 and 2002 – two years before Mote was elected to the European Parliament.

Unsuprisingly, Mote has denied false accounting, obtaining money transfers by deception, evading liability by deception and dishonestly failing to notify a change of circumstances. Let's hope he gets what he deserves...

Thursday, June 21

UKIP: Britain under attack from EU flying-saucers (no, seriously!)

Earlier this year, UKIP (and others from the far right) attacked the EU for "brainwashing" school children because they were being taught about how the EU works in their citizenship classes (EU laws will effect them as well as UK laws so it is quite natural and logical that children should be taught about the EU – but don’t let common sense get in the way when UKIP wants to knock the EU!)

What’s funny about UKIP’s protests is not just the fact that all 10 UKIP MEPs voted in favour of teaching kids about the EU in citizenship classes, but the following video from UKIP’s Bradford branch, produced for the recent local elections (yep, that’s right, the one where they fielded record numbers of candidates and were beaten by the Cornish nationalists and given a good run for their money by the Kidderminster Hospital group!)

UKIP's Bradford Election Video

Very fancy indeed! (Although maybe they should have less on the special effects and more on a professional actor who could actually deliver his lines, as the Dominic Diamond look-alike district chairman seems to be struggling a little).

But it does beg the question: How can UKIP claim the EU is brainwashing children because they are taught, in a neutral light, simply how the EU works, when they make en election campaign video showing invading flying saucers from the EU blowing up buildings with laser beams?

Is it bigoted propaganda? Are they appealing to a certain level of intelligence? Or is it just pure desperation because they don’t actually have any valid criticism of the EU so have to rely on spreading false fear?

Monday, June 18

Farage a terrorist? No, just a defender of terrorists....

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quick to seize the moral high ground in denouncing Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy, after Mr Napolitano unwisely compared eurosceptic opponents of the Constitutional Treaty to terrorists at a weekend press conference. Farage stated that "these comments are appalling and show clearly why we should not be in a political union with them".

However, Nigel seems to have suffered a fit of amnesia. In 2005, after a letter bomb was sent to Gary Titley, the leader of the Labour MEPs, Nigel merely stated that this was the "price of forcing a political ideal on people" adding that if the EU did not "listen to the people" more violence could follow. Or perhaps this was a different Nigel Farage?

Thursday, June 14

More mutiny over Mote

As you know UKIP watcher occasionally has a look at the Independence and Democracy forum website (otherwise known as loonie's letterbox) when in need of cheering up. You are rarely disappointed judging by this intemperate exchange between U-kippers Paul Wesson and Idris Francis.

Following Ashley Mote's ill-fated but unbrlievably craven request to the European Parliament for immunity of prosecution for benefit fraud, Mr. Wesson wrote to Mr. Mote's associate branding him and his beloved Ashley a "traitor, turncoat and 2 faced t**t".

Mr. Wesson points out that "Ashley Mote is actually asking the EU Parliament to overrule a decision of an English court.""No man is above the law, apart from Ashley Mote."

"Never ever ever send me any more details of speeches by the traitor Ashley Mote. If we meet, never dare to utter his name in my presence."

As Mote finally faces his day in court after using every stalling tactic and procedural trick in the book, it appears that even UKIP's biggest fans just can't believe the hypocrisy and sheer contempt for the law of the land shown by their former member.

Sunday, June 10

Batten - UKIP policy "will cost billions in lost revenue"

UKIPwatcher has learnt of a little spat between Cypriot MEP Marios Matsakis and UKIPs Gerard Batten, after the hapless Batten complained to the President of the European Parliament that the UK government had breached a directive on the number of cigarettes and alcohol that people can bring back with them from other EU countries.

Dr Matsakis, who apparently enjoys provoking U-kippers into fits of 'little Englander' rage, praised Batten for "becoming such a firm supporter of EU law and EU institutions".

In response, Gerard claimed that he wanted to ensure that this particular directive (EC 92/12/EEC) was upheld because "it will cost HM Treasury millions, if not billions of pounds in lost revenue". You heard it here first, it seems that UKIP policy in the European Parliament is to try to undermine the British economy in the hope that this will cause people to want to leave the EU! UKIPwatcher does not remember reading this in any UKIP manifesto.

This point was not lost on Matsakis, who commented that "such a way of action is indeed fully in agreement with Lenin's view about Tsarist Russia that, "worse is better".

You couldn't make it up!

Deadweight Derek "completely ignorant"

Yet another example of how bigotry and prejudice is alive and kicking in UKIP. Rather than concerning himself with trying to do some worthwhile work in the British national interest, UKIP MEP Derek Clark has got his knickers in a twist over some schools books which depict two males in bed together and cuddling on a sofa. Shock horror!

Deadweight Derek said he was "shocked, horrified and appalled" and claimed that the books, which include titles such as 'The Sissy Duckling', 'Hello Sailor' and 'Daddy's room mate' amounted to "criminal indoctrination".

However, local teachers gently pointed out that gay people do exist in society and that the books were used to tackle homophobic bullying of children who had a gay or bisexual parent. Accusing Mr Clark of being "completely ignorant" about the teaching of sex education, they added that he was more than welcome to attend lessons to see how children were being taught.

UKIP claims that "a policy of non-discrimination is enshrined in our constitution". Apart from gay people, clearly.

Monday, June 4

EU turns Mote's pleas for help down

Former UKIP-embarrassment Ashley Mote's last line of defence against impending benefit fraud charges has recently been taken away by his sworn enemy, the EU.

But in an ironic twist, Ashley Mote actually begged and grovelled to the European Parliament to help protect him from prosecution after the UK Attorney General had requested that his immunity as an MEP be waived.

Unfortunately for Mr Mote, the European Parliament upheld the request from the British Government and Mote now faces trial at Portsmouth Crown Court starting on July 16th 2007 for housing benefit fraud alleged to involve obtaining tens of thousands of pounds worth of benefits.

Wednesday, May 30

Roger and Nigel - the end of the affair

UKIPwatcher is heartened to see further signs that UKIP are starting to work constructively in the European Union by being party to a joint declaration between the Independence and Democracy Group (IND-DEM) and the Romanian National Initiative Party (NIP).

This declaration includes a commitment to reforming the Common Agricultural Policy, campaigning against the Constitutional Treaty, the principle of subsidiarity in EU decision making and fiscal sovereignty. UKIPs Derek Clark MEP signed it.

However, Mr Clark seems not to have thought to tell his UKIP colleagues about his plans to change party policy (UKIP policy is to withdraw from the EU and CAP) and former leader Roger Knapman has written this furious letter that was published by the Times.

Farage, demonstrating his knack for diplomacy (surely a plum ambassadorship can be found for him), responded by saying that Knapman was "confused" and "suffering from high blood pressure and not well". Miaow!

Tuesday, May 22

Grow up Godders!

The class clown of Yorkshire politics, UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, is at it again with this outburst the latest example of his outrageous attention seeking.

Talking about his colleagues on the European Parliament's Women and Gender Equality, Godfrey states, "It did not take long before the conversation got round to rape and prostitution… it always does."

Interesting that none of them are in danger of the first or indeed could earn their living at the second, though it would be ungallant to say so."

Bloom’s attention seeking knows no bounds. He knows that nobody will ever take him seriously about anything so deliberately makes these offensive and stupid comments to get a reaction. Even so, UKIPwatcher has a simple message to him – grow up Godfrey!

Thursday, May 10

UKIP taking a "step in the right direction" after losing councillor

Congratulations must be extended to UKIP on their extremely effective campaign fought in the local elections last week. Following the success of the last election, which UKIP had an exceptional total of 6 seats; they announced that this time round they were putting up 1,000 candidates. Party leader Nigel Farage publicly talked about what great gains they were going to make. How right he was, not only did UKIP fail to gain a single new council seat, they managed to lose one as well, leaving them with just 5 councillors- two fewer than the Cornish nationalists, Mebyon Kernow and one more than the Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern!

One would think that UKIP's reaction would be one of disappointment.......far from it! UKIP's website declared that despite the loss the result was a "step in the right direction". Party leader Nigel Farage stated that "The results make it quite clear that our support is growing and our policies are sounding the right chord with a growing number of people."

So Mr. Farage does it mean then that the issue of greater self-government in Cornwall is of more pressing concern to the general public than Britain's position in Europe and our immigration policies? Its time to wake up and realise that the public see you for what you really are....

This BBC table shows the reality of UKIP's status in local government.

Friday, May 4

UKIP vote against tackling female genital mutilation

UKIP's sickening hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

On International Women's Day, UKIP's Vice Chairman (sic) Rachel Oxley made a statement denouncing the practice of female genital mutilation and calling for more effective action on the issue.

This is, in itself, highly laudable. Female genital mutilation is vicious and barbaric, and all nations and societies should work to combat it.

Indeed, in February 2006 the European Parliament adopted a resolution based on a report by Maria Carlshamre MEP calling on all member states to work together take a zero-tolerance approach on all forms of violence against women and to exchange information on how best to do this. It also instructed all EU countries to recognise rape within marriage as a criminal offence and not to accept cultural practices as an excuse for honour crimes or female genital mutilation. Indeed, Parliament called on all member states to ban female genital mutilation and to prosecute all perpetrators of it.

Needless to say, this report was resoundingly supported by all groups across the Parliament - the resolution was passed by 545 votes to 13. Apart from one. Not one single UKIP MEP supported the resolution and the seven UKIP MEPs who voted, voted against - Gerard Batten, Godfrey Bloom, Graham Clark, Nigel Farage, Roger Knapman, Mike Nattrass and Jeffery Titford.

I hope that Rachel Oxley will take her neanderthal colleagues to task. We are all used to UKIP's hypocritical and dishonest politics, but this is beneath contempt.

Wednesday, May 2

The case of the missing financial declaration

UKIPwatcher has learnt that Tom Wise is not the only UKIP MEP to have trouble with financial transparency.

Each year, MEPs are required to complete a financial declaration just like their Westminster counterparts - detailing all gifts they have received and earnings from outside interests. You wouldn't have thought it was that difficult to provide this information. However, UKIPs Mike Nattrass is the only UK MEP, and one of only three in the EU, not have provided his financial declaration for 2006.

There are parallels with UKIP's problems with auditing their accounts for the Electoral Commission and the same questions have to be asked. Is the failure to provide this information due to incompetence, laziness or does Mr Nattrass have something to hide?

Friday, April 27

Veritas in member poaching shock

UKIP has always swapped members with the BNP, New Britain Party and other extremist fringe parties. Veritas, the Kilroy-Silk vanity project with a handful of members, is the latest to poach members from UKIP.

Readers may be interested in this tale of high farce in the UKIP Falmouth and Camborne branch. In 2004, a member of the local party was asked by Gerard Batten to organise a meeting for Kilroy to speak at only to discover, when she arrived at the venue, that the UKIP leadership telephoned local party members not to attend. Clearly the UKIP leadership were more interesting in protecting their positions than in generating publicity and new members for their cause. The phrase 'ferrets in a sack' springs to mind!

Thursday, April 26

Ashley Mote - defender of the EU? Shurely shome mishtake!

Interesting to see how UKIP's prodigal son Ashley Mote is going native in the European Parliament. In a speech in the European Parliament yesterday, Mr Mote complained about a "threat to the integrity" of the European Parliament, citing a ruling in the British courts that he added was "prima facie contempt of the Parliament. The Court ruled that in lifting the immunity of an MEP who faces specific charges, the European Parliament is assumed to have lifted immunity against any other possible charges.

Confusing stuff you might think, especially from a man who was elected on the basis of opposing the EU, its institutions and all it does. Still, maybe Ashley Mote is trying to carve out a niche for himself as a champion of the European Parliament. However, UKIPwatcher suspects that, unfortunately, Mr Mote has not had a 'Road to Damascus' conversion to the necessity for the UK to be in the EU.

Rather, Mote has been using his parliamentary immunity as an MEP to try and stave off being prosecuted by the Department for Work and Pensions for benefit fraud (he has been facing charges since 2004). This latest ruling means that he could finally be prosecuted. Thus, the European Parliament challenging this ruling is the only way for him to save his skin.

Oh, Ashley, what a tangled web you weave….

Wednesday, April 25

David Noakes' Nazi fetish

UKIPwatcher has come across this gruesomely fascinating exchange of views on the Independence and Democracy Forum (also know as loonies letterbox).

In this, former leadership candidate David Noakes, who polled over 10% of the vote from the UKIP membership, claims that UKIP's membership is collapsing not because of the ineptitude of their elected MEPs or the weakness of their arguments, but, wait for it, because the EU has planted moles in local party branches to "subvert" UKIP! Baffled? UKIPwatcher certainly is!

However, although Mr Noakes is not the most impartial or reliable information source, he blows the whistle on what appears to be a culture of corruption within UKIP. For example, illegally paying its regional officers using EU (ie taxpayers' money), only 15% of members donations reaching the party accounts, dodgy accounting in general, and concluding that UKIP is insolvent and should be declared bankrupt.

However, it gets better. Mr Noakes, manages to compare German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Nazi Germany in the same breath as describing the EU as a Nazi-creation. Continuing the 'Nazi' theme, he then accuses Tory leader David Cameron of having close family links to, you've guessed it, the Nazi party. This makes for amusing but painful reading - how can these people who are so eye-wateringly detached from reality claim that their party is telling the truth on anything?

Tuesday, April 24

Tales of a taxdodging U-kipper

Interesting to see that the Tom Wise approach to taxpayers is becoming ingrained in the UKIP psyche. UKIP candidate in Devon, John Kelly, has decided that he won't pay his council tax because East Devon District Council pays a small amount of money - which works out at about 5p per person per year - towards the South West Regional Assembly. Mr Kelly somewhat spuriously claims that the existence of regional assemblies is part of the 'EU plot' to break up the UK, conveniently ignoring the fact that they have been government policy for the past ten years.

Still, if John Kelly thinks that elected and more autonomous regional assemblies are a waste of space, doesn't this contradict UKIPs mantra about handing more powers to local communities. Also, if he objects to elected regional assemblies that would logically mean he is opposed to his party's elected MEPs in Brussels. But then UKIP never let consistency get in the way of a cheap publicity stunt.

Monday, April 23

A beautiful marriage....

UKIPwatcher notes that former U-kipper and alleged benefit fraudster Ashley Mote continues his flirtation with the BNP. The BNP magazine, ironically titled 'Voice of Freedom', (but not so free if you happen not to be 'anglo-saxon' whatever that is) plugs two of Ash's learned theses here.

It should be a surprise to nobody if Mote joins the BNP. After all, as a member of the fascists corner (the ITS group) in the European Parliament, he sits with Jean Marie Le Pen and Jorg Haider's henchmen.

Friday, April 20

Confusion surrounds ‘suspension’ of Wise

Even UKIP’s supporters cannot decide whether Tom Wise actually has been suspended or not. Although UKIP say the dodgy MEP has been suspended from the party following revelations he swindled £36,000 of public money to buy himself a car, and also hypocritically received £8,000 from the EU to pay for a failed libel case, UKIP supporters are none the Wiser (sorry!) as to his status. The confusion stems from the fact that although UKIP claim Tom Wise has been suspended from the party, he is actually still a member of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, unlike Ashley Mote, who was suspended from both UKIP and the Ind/Dem Group.

A recent poll from the UKIP supporter’s website showed that: 5% believe he has been suspended; 5% believe the whole episode is part of a conspiracy by the “left-wing media”; 41% say he has been suspended from UKIP but not the Independent Democracy Group in the European Parliament; and 47% said “Don't ask me what goes on in the UKIP group in Brussels, I'm only a UKIP member.”

UKIP supporter Tony Bennett perfectly summed up the current shambles that is UKIP with the following poem:

Twelve UKIP MEPs, one of them from Devon -
One faced criminal charges, then there were eleven.

Eleven UKIP MEPS, all of them men -
One left to form his own party, then there were ten.

Ten UKIP MEPs, fond of wine and dine -
One spent Eurocash on a Peugeot, then there were nine.

Tuesday, April 17

BNP urge supporters to vote UKIP

Iain Dale made a good observation on his blog about the BNP urging their supporters to vote UKIP in the forthcoming local elections where they are unable to vote BNP. An article on the BNP website that listed all the electoral wards where UKIP are putting candidates forward in May’s local election, and according to Dale, this, “by implication urges BNP members to vote for them [UKIP]”. The article on the BNP’s website also draws attention to the fact that they have “so much politically in common” with UKIP.

Tell me something I don’t know!

Wednesday, April 11

Keep digging Thomas....

More news on UKIP's chancer-in-chief Tom Wise who, not content with claiming £36,000 to pay his researcher and then pocketing £30,000 of it himself (and buying a fancy French car), used a further £8,000 of taxpayers' money to try and sue fellow rabid eurosceptic U-kipper Greg Lance-Watkins for libel.

Mr Lance-Watkins, who runs the eurorealist website, made the mistake of thinking that this practice was not terribly transparent and accused Tom (not very) Wise of wrongdoing.

Needless to say, after consulting his solicitor Stephan Welfare, Mr Wise decided to not to take legal action, but not before running up an £8,000 bill which Mr Welfare confirmed had been paid by the EU.

Though it's amusing that he thought he could get away with it - Tom Wise is as low as a dachsund's belly.

Tuesday, April 3

UKIP launch Holyrood campaign in style

The launch of UKIPs campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections in Edinburgh saw some of Fleet Street's finest travel to take in the show.

The event was held at the Dynamic Earth exhibition centre, with a man dressed as a dinosaur guarding the entrance. A stroke of genius considering that UKIP's leaders, and the party's campaign literature, are distinctly prehistoric.

Most disappointing was the no-show of Nigel Farage (every night gossip columnists must thank their lucky stars for the existence of naughty Nigel). Apparently Nigel was too busy preparing UKIP's court case against the Electoral Commission (UKIP faces bankruptcy if it loses, after the election watchdog ordered them to repay £360,000 that had not been properly accounted for).

Still, there's more chance of Ian Paisley becoming Pope than of UKIP getting any MSPs elected.

Tuesday, March 27

“There’s more to me than just someone who has used prostitutes”

Not even UKIP party boys lap-dancing enthusiast Nigel Farage or brothel-using Godfrey Bloom could stomach the antics of the latest UKIP member to add himself to their womanising hall of shame.

“Self-confessed” prostitute-user John Houston was told that not only would he not be the party’s East Kilbride candidate for this May’s elections, he was also being expelled from the party altogether. Houston criticised UKIP for giving him the boot saying, “I’ve never hidden my views and I’m disgusted it never supported me when I was criticised. There’s more to me — and they know this — than just someone who has used prostitutes.”

Houston remains determined to stand in the election under some kind of UKIP banner saying “I’m from East Kilbride and I have every intention — indeed I think I have a duty — to stand for Holyrood for my home town as a UKIP candidate.”

Thank goodness he stands no chance of winning, the celebratory night out might be one to miss.

Read more by clicking here

UKIP are apologists for Mugabe regime

UKIP's extremism has again reared its ugly head with Andrew Reed, a UKIP candidate at both the 2001 elections and 2004 European elections and an advisor to Nigel Farage, accusing Western governments and the BBC of demonising the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. The BBC, he claims in the letter below, is responsible for "politically motivated broadcasts" on Zimbabwe. For good measure, he describes Zimbabwe, a country scarred by rigged elections, government intimidation of voteres and opposition parties and in which the leader of the opposition MDC has been viciously assaulted by Mugabe's henchmen, as "essentially democratic". Sometimes the views of UKIP are so sickening that you wonder what planet they are on.

According to Mr Reed's perverse logic, Zimbabwe is more democratic than the EU - he calls the EU a "dangerously non-democratic organisation".

Moreover, he absolves the Mugabe regime of responsibility for the bloodshed and starvation he has inflicted on the Zimbabwean people, arguing that Zimbabwe is "under siege from the international community" and contending that there is no "adequate justification" for humanitarian intervention.

So the UKIP attitude to the plight of Zimbabweans is to blame the EU and the BBC and stick their heads in the sand. Despicable.


Thank you for your message expressing concern about the situation in Zimbabwe. Thank you also for the information to the effect that the Zimbabwean government may now be relying on Angolan mercenaries, an allegation I had not previously heard.

I confess I know little about the affairs of this formerly prosperous British territory, other than that they were severely disrupted, not long ago, by an army of self-styled, latter-day "veterans of the war of independence", demanding lands, and were subsequently rendered extremely difficult by international sanctions, the conventional assumption being that it was the government, which armed and incited the "veterans", in order to dispossess white farmers of their holdings.

However, I am not satisfied with this explanation, given that the white farmers were the back-bone of the economy, and of the government's revenue, and were carefully protected, by the government, for that reason, for many years, until the "veterans" arrived (from where, I wonder?) on the scene. Indeed, given these facts alone - and apart from politically-motivated broadcasts by the BBC - they are the only facts I have, I would be inclined to suppose that the "veterans" were armed and incited by forces hostile to the government, which was able to neutralise them only by surrendering its one substantial source of income to them.

However that may be, Zimbabwe is certainly a country under siege from the "international community", whose neo-colonial policies in Africa are thinly disguised as "humanitarian intervention" in conflicts, which it may well have instigated, just as they were in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, tragically, the pattern of (1) non-compliant government (2) crippling international sanctions (3) fomentation of unrest (4) demonisation of the government's leaders and (5) "humanitarian intervention" , has already been repeated too often, and, in each case, without adequate justification, in my view.

I cannot agree, therefore, that the further tightening of sanctions and isolation are the solution to Zimbabwe's difficulties; rather, I think, they are part of the problem.

This is not to say that I approve of the European Union's meddling in this matter, or any other. The EU is a dangerously non-democratic organisation with no prospect - unlike Zimbabwe, which has an essentially democratic system - of ever becoming otherwise. The EU, if it ever obtains its constitution, would, moreover, become a very powerful state - unlike Zimbabwe, whose primary importance to the "international community" seems to be its strategic position for taking control of Africa and its mineral-wealth.

I beg you, therefore - unless you know for a fact that what is being broadcast is the whole truth - to take what you hear, from the BBC, about Zimbabwe, the EU and our reasons for invading various other countries, with a large pinch of salt; to concentrate on condemning the bloodshed itself - and seeking the underlying reasons for it - rather than the people who are portrayed by the media as being entirely responsible.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed

(Office of the UKIP-MEP's)

UKIP election-Buster

Demonstrating their fraternity with the racist right and their powers of self-deception, UKIP have revealed their new secret weapon - former British Davis Cup player and National Front activist, Buster Mottram. Buster has written to a number of Tory MPs warning them that they will be 'decapitated' at the next election if they do not sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

Buster, who once briefly ranked as No15 in the world, was once quoted as describing the National Front as "the party of common sense", while he later added "I hope Enoch Powell will never die, just as his namesake in the Bible never died". With commendable flippancy, Nigel Farage described Buster's NF affiliations as "youthful indiscretions"!

Tory MP Geoffrey Cox has accused UKIP of trying to "cheat the ballot box" through an "utterly sickening, nasty tactic". This little episode emphasises that UKIP is made up of the utterly sickening and the downright barmy.

Thursday, March 22

UKIP disarray continues....

UKIP's disarray continues with two MEPs having apparently joined the embezzling Tom Wise to form a separate group. According to the loonies on the Independence and Democracy Forum, Wise has been joined by Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass in a sub-group that is operating semi-autonomously from the rest of UKIP. Knapman and Nattrass were furious at Nigel Farage's treatment of Wise and openly talked about leaving.

Either way in June 2004 there were 12 U-kippers. Then Kilroy and the alleged benefit fraudster Mote (who still has the cheek to complain about the auditing of the EU's accounts - people in glass houses Ashley…) were kicked out. Now, the 'gang of three' means that UKIP are down to 7 MEPs. What's the betting that by May 2009, they'll be down to Farage and his drinking partner Bloom.

Wednesday, March 14

UKIP's dodgy pollsters

Not content with lying to the Electoral Commission about the state of their finances and having one of their MEPs accused of embezzling taxpayers' money (and buying French cars with it), UKIP have taken to putting out misleading opinion poll figures according to this item from the increasingly good UKIP@Home.

It is pathetic that a fringe party like UKIP, who would poll much fewer votes than the Greens and about the same as the BNP if a general election were held tomorrow, feel the need to distort their levels of support in order to salve their inflated egos.

It seems that this propensity for distorting support has reached UKIP 'leader' Nigel Farage. Farage put out a press release last week claiming that UKIP had beaten the main three UK parties and made a great breakthough in the Northern Ireland assembly elections (overlooking the fact that the 1 UKIP candidate polled a piffling 2.7% and none of Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems put up any candidates)! UKIPwatch can only doff its cap at such unbelievable spinning!

Three cheers for the class clown

UKIPwatcher has come across this latest gem from UKIPs class clown Godfrey Bloom demonstrating that the brothel using and non-fridge cleaning one's libido is still the size of Swindon. It appears that he has set his amorous sights on Mussolini's granddaughter and a Liberal Democrat assistant. Good to see that he doesn't discriminate between fascists and lib dems.

Although UKIPwatch enjoys Godfrey's antics and appreciates his latest attempt at humour, most people with an ounce of sense take serious politicians like Finnish MEP Alexander Stubb (who he sees fit to mock) a bit more seriously than an unreconstructed, misogynist chancer like Bloom. Every time Godfrey opens his mouth he demonstrates his unsuitability for public office.

Monday, March 5

Senior UKIP official gave money to BNP? Surely not..

The news that UKIP NEC member David Abbott donated money to the BNP has been greeted with shock. UKIPwatch can't understand why - UKIP and BNP are equally racist and extreme and have enjoyed fraternal relations for many years. The two parties have often made unofficial pacts and co-operated in elections which is not surprising considering that the two parties effectively swap members.

The biggest shock is that UKIP have been able to get away with their lies for so long.

May the fraud be with you ....

The UKIP soap opera continues into another week with new revelations in the Sunday TImes about Tom Wise's slightly unorthodox accounting methods.

An internal inquiry into Mr Wise's affairs was stopped by former leader Roger Knapman after the report's authors, including retired policeman Trevor Colman, found evidence of serious wrongdoing.

This story is going to run and run - the only question is whether UKIP will still exist by the end of it.

Thursday, March 1

If you're disabled you can't be a UKIP candidate

UKIPwatcher didn't think UKIP could sink any lower until coming across this new latest scandal.

Jack Biggs, 65 and a holder of the British Empire Medal, who has had both knees replaced, was told by his local UKIP association that he could only be a "paper candidate" for the party in the May 3 local elections because of his disability.

In typically dignified fashion, UKIP have gone on the offensive, accusing Mr Biggs of blackmail with Nigel Farage offering this nugget of wisdom - "I could run down the street but I couldn't make an Olympic athlete," he said. "This man couldn't do the job just as other people can't do it because they are busy."

All a bit of a double standard, especially as Farage's own personal fondness for a bit of the sauce hasn't precluded his being a candidate...

Stand back - UKIPs about to blow....

It has been great fun watching UKIP implode in the past few days. If the rumours are right that Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass are going to quit UKIP then the motley crew of 12 cranks, egomaniacs and zenophobes will have fallen to 7! With over two years to go until the next European elections in 2009 the question is whether UKIP will still exist.

Maybe the latest series of scandals and humiliations were responsible for Nigel Farage being spotted tired and emotional and propping up various bars in Brussels.

Still, I hope that Tom Wise is enjoying his new car - a green Peugeot 406 at £6,500, and that he haggled in order to get a good price for the taxpayers' money. UKIPwatch is sure this is the case as UKIPs MEPs are nothing if they are not selflessly devoted to public service.

In the words of Richard Littlejohn - you couldn't make it up.

Monday, February 26

Stealing taxpayers money? Surely some mistake....

UKIP MEP Tom Wise is facing investigations for alleged fraud over staff salary irregularities according to the Sunday Times' latest investigation. Bank documents show that Mr Wise channelled nearly £40,000 of public money into his personal bank account after claiming that it was for an assistant's salary.

From November 2004 until October 2005, Mr Wise directed £39,100 of taxpayers' money into his own bank account, of which he paid his researcher Lindsay Jenkins just £13,555.

A clerical error, no doubt!

Friday, February 23

UKIP go for broke

The BBC reports that: The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has said a legal bid to force it to forfeit £367,697 of "impermissible" donations could leave it "penniless".

To read more click here

Thursday, February 22

Going up in smoke

The farcial repealing of the smoking ban in the European Parliament after just 43 days grabbed headlines across the continent, and who was on hand to proudly crow they hadn't bothered to take any notice of it anyway?

Over to Nigel: "I have been ignoring it since January 1 and I have smoked in more places than before. I don’t want to be told by PC people what I can and cannot do."

Still, it's not like a blasé attitude to rules and regulations could ever do your party any harm is it?


Tuesday, February 20

Animal-loving UKIP

What's that Flipper, seven miserable old men want to kill you?

Yes, seven UKIP MEPs joined another 10 MEPs to vote against an EU measures to further curb fishing with driftnets.

Fishing with driftnets is already banned in the EU due to the amount of dolphins and whales they catch (and kill) but the new measure, adopted by a massive majority (633 in favour) will further tighten the rules.

The increasingly amusing and anti-UKIP blog UKIP@Home also gets stuck in on behalf of dolphins and even includes an emotive picture to jolt UKIP members' conscience further.

Lassie is said to be worried.

Monday, February 19

What is the point of Robert Kilroy Silk?

UKIPwatch's favourite disgraced ex-TV presenter Robert Kilroy Silk has been getting his name in the papers recently after his latest pathetic act of self-publicity (by accusing M and S of using mirrors in their changing rooms that "distort" women's bodies), but UKIPwatch feels that the perma-tanned one's campaign might be more to do with something more than his usual self-effacing commitment to public service.

This month marks the half way point in the European Parliament session, with the positions in the Parliament's bureau and committees being re-allocated. Kilroy is now a member of the Culture and Education Committee. All fairly standard fare until you consider that Kilroy has not been a member of any Committee since his election in 2004. For someone elected under the UKIP banner of disrupting the work of the EU institutions at every juncture, it is odd that Kilroy has not used the Parliamentary Committees (where the bulk of legislative work is carried out) to do just that.

However, Kilroy has done so little work as an MEP that his constituents could have been forgiven for thinking that he didn't exist. Instead he has cashed in on his £60,000 salary and picked up his attendance allowance despite the fact that he has not spoken in Parliament since October 2005 (you're more likely to see Lord Lucan speaking in plenary than you are Kilroy).

Still, Kilroy and his erstwhile chums in UKIP seem to have a rare talent for getting elected on the basis of xenophobia and dishonesty about the EU and then giving a v-sign to the British public in taking taxpayers money in exchange for a five year schive.

One financial scandal? Make that two....

One financial scandal? UKIP watcher should have made that two, following the Sunday Telegraph report of an admission from Campbell Bannerman that only 15% of funds raised through UKIP’s call centre in Ashford have been paid into the party’s head office accounts.

Five former members of the party's national executive committee, UKIP's governing body, have claimed that around £500,000 is unaccounted for in this manner.
Of particular interest is that the Ashford call centre was set up in October 2003 by Nigel Farage, who then ran UKIP's south-east regional office. Staff processed donations and annual membership subscriptions.

However, even though the staff processed donations from across the country the money was paid into the accounts controlled by the south-east office.

Members of the NEC at the time said they were appalled that this allowed Mr Farage to control the majority of donations to the party. They also said for a nine month period in 2004 and 2005 Mr Farage declined to provide the NEC with details of how much money the call centre generated.

In the words of former UKIP member Linda Guest in her resignation letter :

"I see no point in supporting any party that is controlled by a leadership that displays such contempt for democracy when it comes to its own members."

UKIP watch would also like to know where the missing money is, Nigel?

UKIP and the missing £118,000

It just gets worse for UKIP, with the Sunday Times and Telegraph reporting more explosive allegations of financial irregularities.

The Times reports that the party is being investigated over donations worth £118,000 that party treasurer Bruce Lawson was unaware of and never appeared in UKIP’s bank accounts. Lawson threatened to resign, writing in a letter to Nigel Farage and deputy leader David Campbell Bannerman that:

“I joined UKIP because I though we were different to the other parties but even on the grounds of expediency I will not be associated with this sort of behaviour.”

With his customary mendacity, Farage merely contends that “the party’s internal bookkeeping was not what it might have been.”

The irony is that after spending years lampooning the EU’s finances, UKIP finds itself mired in its own corruption scandal. You would have thought that a fringe party with a small and declining membership (16,000 at the last count) should be able to keep its books in order.

Thursday, February 15

Barmy Bloom's latest denial of climate change

UKIPwatcher has come across Godfrey Bloom's latest nugget of wisdom on the science of climate change in the Yorkshire Post .

In this Bloom uses the same arguments as his story-telling chum Frederick Forsyth did on Question Time last week along the lines that climate change is a myth cooked up by politicians and spin doctors (and, in Nick Stern's case, former World Bank chief economists) and that there is nothing to worry about.

Most of us, however, prefer to attach more weight to the consensus among scientists that man-made "greenhouse" gas emissions are having a marked effect on the earth's climate, and the fact that the ten hottest years on record have all occurred since the beginning of the 1990s.

Bloom has history as a neanderthal when it comes to the environment. In a speech in the European Parliament in October 2006 he completely dismissed the possible role of renewable energy claiming, somewhat spuriously, that -

"It is a scientific fact that most of our renewable energy technology does not work. Wind farms are absurd. Any scientist independently retained will tell you it is complete and total nonsense to expect the UK to produce 20% from a renewable source".

Godfrey's head-in-the-sand approach to climate change and renewables may be good for a laugh but illustrate again just why he is one of the biggest nuts in the UKIP fruitcake

Monday, February 12

Election watchdog investigates UKIP "financial irregularities"

So, UKIP is being investigated by the Electoral Commission for alleged financial irregularities. This news should not surprise readers of UKIPwatch where this was predicted (although it may surprise Devil's Kitchen, the blogger/crank who has a shorter fuse than Colonel Gadaffi and talks as much sense)!

The election watchdog, which says it is also investigating a series of "separate issues", was concerned that UKIP's accounts were filed more than six months late (not surprising - how hard can it be for a party with just 16,000 members to count its membership subs?).

Of further intrigue is the Sunday Telegraph's investigation which revealed that former bookmaker Alan Bown has been bankrolling the party to the tune of £1 million, providing 40 per cent of the party's declared funds over the past four years.

As well as bankrolling UKIP, Mr Bown is a member of the party's national executive committee and the main organiser of UKIP's campaigns. He also pays for the party's day-to-day running costs (including staff wages) out of his own pocket and intends to continue to do so. While Mr Bown's donations have been properly recorded, over £1 million has fallen below the Electoral Commission's radar because UKIP claims they are under the "reportable limit".

Nigel Farage's take on this has been to blame UKIP's tardy accounting on its lack of a full-time treasurer. If Farage expect people to believe his pleas of poverty, when his party spent more than Labour and the Lib Dems at the last European elections and continues to take cash from multi-millionaire donors, then his powers of self-delusion are more impressive than we thought.

Tuesday, February 6

New name, same old hypocrisy

So UKIP leader Nigel Farage feels that the best way for his party to broaden its appeal is to change its name - although after floating the name-change idea to the Independence Party, he appeared to have a change of heart, promising a full consultation with party members over a new name. It is interesting that the self-styled 'straight' talking party sees the need to change its name rather than its policies - but not entirely surprising in that UKIP consistently deceives the British people with its lies and misinformation about the EU.

If Farage thinks that a re-branding exercise will fool Britons into believing his nonsense he's more deluded than we thought.

P.S On a frivolous note, its nice to see the Financial Times has offered a helpful suggestion to UKIPs motley crew by suggesting that they call themselves UKOAP, given that the average age of their ten MEPs is 60. Catchy and accurate!

Friday, February 2

Bearing in mind that the main focus of UKIPs message is "unelected European Commissioners shouldn't have a say on our laws", it is somewhat ironic that they are celebrating the recruitment of two unelected Peers to their ranks. Afterall, if UKIP dislikes unelected law-makers so much it would be supporting current reforms to create an elected second chamber.

Such news is made all the more hypocritical with the understanding that members of the House of Lords have far more influence over the actual text of our laws than European Commissioners, who merely have the power to propose.

Wednesday, January 24

UKIP votes in favour EU citizenship classes!

UKIP MEPs got very hot under the collar earlier this month claiming that the EU was "brainwashing children" after learning that children at Key Stages 3 and 4 were being taught about the role of EU institutions as part of citizenship classes. Needless to say, the ubiquitous UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom described the learning pack as "bias and propaganda masquerading as fact" complaining that "taxpayers are being forced to pay for our children to learn EU systems".

What Godfrey forgot to mention is that all ten UKIP MEPs, including himself, actually voted in favour of a resolution in the European Parliament calling for "European citizenship standard elements in school curricula throughout the EU" in January 2005!

UKIPs recent campaigning therefore represents either an abrupt U-turn in party policy or (marginally more likely) shows that their MEPs were too lazy to bother reading what they were voting for.

Either way, that UKIP are actively campaigning against something they voted for again illustrates just how jaw-droppingly shameless they are.

Wednesday, January 17

UKIPs latest attack on Muslims

A former United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) Parliamentary Candidate has stepped into the debate regarding the Super Mosque in Dudley, by claiming that local residents are "having another culture imposed on them" and that "Dudley is losing its British identity".

The controversial article was published on a Ukip supporters website by Matthew Davies who was their Parliamentary candidate in Woking, Surrey during the 2005 General Election.

Commenting on the Super Mosque Mr Davies said: "The local people are now having another culture imposed on them, when they clearly do not want it. The fact public money is being used as well and that foreign influence with more money to develop Britain means that Dudley is losing its British identity."

He added "Democracy is failing and there is a real danger that people will turn to the extreme if they are ignored for much longer. Only the restoration of true local democracy, along with a much better integration plan for newcomers will avert real problems ahead."

Ukip have one Councillor in Dudley, Councillor Malcolm Davis who is vehemently opposed to the mosque stating "…the whole building is inappropriate."

Ukip is also fighting plans for another Mosque in West Ham, London and sponsoring a 'Muslim Charter' which was presented to a packed meeting room of 4 UKIP MEPs, Ashley Mote (and a couple of people who'd clearly been looking for the bar and got lost) at the European Parliament during December. The controversial (and incredibly patronising) charter is a code of behaviour that Muslims should follow to integrate into Western society.

Labour have described Ukip as "the BNP in suits" and, just as accurately, last year Conservative Leader David Cameron described them as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists".

Ukip claim they are non-racist and non-sectarian and that all people are equal. (Apart from 'foreigners' and Muslims, clearly)

The UKIP member haemorrhage continues…

The UKIP branch in Plymouth has collapsed after Chairman Tom Williams resigned along with three other branch officers and six committee members at the annual branch meeting. After the meeting, which was attended by abut 30 members, Mr Williams said that there had been no nominations to take over the officer positions.

The collapse of the Plymouth branch is yet another example of UKIPs rapidly diminishing membership which, at the last count, was down to around 16,000 from a high of 26,000 at the height of the Kilroy-inspired media frenzy in 2004.

Launching a stinging attack on the performance of UKIPs 10 MEPs, Mr Williams described them as "not very productive" and "don't seem to be interested in the UK". It's good to see that UKIP members are starting to understand what a total waste of space their elected representatives are.

U-Kippers in 'workshy' shock

A study of UKIP MEPs' attendance at Committee meetings in the European Parliament has again illustrated why they are a bunch of work-shy chancers who don't even appear to be working to undermine the EU (surely their raison d'etre). Of the 12 men who were elected on the UKIP ticket in 2004, 3 aren't even on any committees. Of the meetings that the other 9 could have attended, minutes are available for 128. The total number of those meetings for which the UKIP MEPs signed the register is 55. Of these 55 "attendances", they spoke a total of 15 times. It has to be assumed that those who just turned up and did not speak were only there to collect their attendance allowance.

The breakdown is:

Batten, Knapman and Kilroy are not on any committees.

Bloom, Mote, Farage and Nattrass have signed in at 22 committee meetings between them but have never spoken. (Money for old rope)!!!

Star performers are Booth (11 meetings and 1 intervention), Clark (10 meetings and 2 interventions), Wise (8 meetings and 3 interventions), Whittaker (4 meetings and 3 interventions), and Titford (11 meetings and 6 interventions).

These figures offer further evidence that the U-kippers are more interested in getting their attendance allowance than in doing any work, let alone trying to scupper the work of the EU.

Thursday, January 11

UKIP faces fine from the Electoral Commission

It's not been a happy start to 2007 for UKIP. Local party branches are folding (Plymouth is the latest) and now UKIP faces a heavy fine from the Electoral Commission after failing to submit their annual accounts for 2006.

The Political Parties Election and Referendums Act 2000 requires that parties with a gross income or expenditure of £250,000 or less submit an annual statement of accounts to The Electoral Commission by March 31st, while parties with income or expenditure exceeding £250,000 must submit accounts by 7th July.

It's not as if UKIP haven't had enough time to get their finances in order. They couldn't meet the 7th July deadline and were given an extension. As of Friday 5th January the accounts have still not published. Failure to submit accounts within 1 year can result in a £5,000 fine and is a criminal offence under UK electoral law.

Surely it can't be hard for a party with 16,000 members to file its accounts. Are their party staff just amazingly lazy, or is there something we have not been told?