Wednesday, January 24

UKIP votes in favour EU citizenship classes!

UKIP MEPs got very hot under the collar earlier this month claiming that the EU was "brainwashing children" after learning that children at Key Stages 3 and 4 were being taught about the role of EU institutions as part of citizenship classes. Needless to say, the ubiquitous UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom described the learning pack as "bias and propaganda masquerading as fact" complaining that "taxpayers are being forced to pay for our children to learn EU systems".

What Godfrey forgot to mention is that all ten UKIP MEPs, including himself, actually voted in favour of a resolution in the European Parliament calling for "European citizenship standard elements in school curricula throughout the EU" in January 2005!

UKIPs recent campaigning therefore represents either an abrupt U-turn in party policy or (marginally more likely) shows that their MEPs were too lazy to bother reading what they were voting for.

Either way, that UKIP are actively campaigning against something they voted for again illustrates just how jaw-droppingly shameless they are.

Wednesday, January 17

UKIPs latest attack on Muslims

A former United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) Parliamentary Candidate has stepped into the debate regarding the Super Mosque in Dudley, by claiming that local residents are "having another culture imposed on them" and that "Dudley is losing its British identity".

The controversial article was published on a Ukip supporters website by Matthew Davies who was their Parliamentary candidate in Woking, Surrey during the 2005 General Election.

Commenting on the Super Mosque Mr Davies said: "The local people are now having another culture imposed on them, when they clearly do not want it. The fact public money is being used as well and that foreign influence with more money to develop Britain means that Dudley is losing its British identity."

He added "Democracy is failing and there is a real danger that people will turn to the extreme if they are ignored for much longer. Only the restoration of true local democracy, along with a much better integration plan for newcomers will avert real problems ahead."

Ukip have one Councillor in Dudley, Councillor Malcolm Davis who is vehemently opposed to the mosque stating "…the whole building is inappropriate."

Ukip is also fighting plans for another Mosque in West Ham, London and sponsoring a 'Muslim Charter' which was presented to a packed meeting room of 4 UKIP MEPs, Ashley Mote (and a couple of people who'd clearly been looking for the bar and got lost) at the European Parliament during December. The controversial (and incredibly patronising) charter is a code of behaviour that Muslims should follow to integrate into Western society.

Labour have described Ukip as "the BNP in suits" and, just as accurately, last year Conservative Leader David Cameron described them as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists".

Ukip claim they are non-racist and non-sectarian and that all people are equal. (Apart from 'foreigners' and Muslims, clearly)

The UKIP member haemorrhage continues…

The UKIP branch in Plymouth has collapsed after Chairman Tom Williams resigned along with three other branch officers and six committee members at the annual branch meeting. After the meeting, which was attended by abut 30 members, Mr Williams said that there had been no nominations to take over the officer positions.

The collapse of the Plymouth branch is yet another example of UKIPs rapidly diminishing membership which, at the last count, was down to around 16,000 from a high of 26,000 at the height of the Kilroy-inspired media frenzy in 2004.

Launching a stinging attack on the performance of UKIPs 10 MEPs, Mr Williams described them as "not very productive" and "don't seem to be interested in the UK". It's good to see that UKIP members are starting to understand what a total waste of space their elected representatives are.

U-Kippers in 'workshy' shock

A study of UKIP MEPs' attendance at Committee meetings in the European Parliament has again illustrated why they are a bunch of work-shy chancers who don't even appear to be working to undermine the EU (surely their raison d'etre). Of the 12 men who were elected on the UKIP ticket in 2004, 3 aren't even on any committees. Of the meetings that the other 9 could have attended, minutes are available for 128. The total number of those meetings for which the UKIP MEPs signed the register is 55. Of these 55 "attendances", they spoke a total of 15 times. It has to be assumed that those who just turned up and did not speak were only there to collect their attendance allowance.

The breakdown is:

Batten, Knapman and Kilroy are not on any committees.

Bloom, Mote, Farage and Nattrass have signed in at 22 committee meetings between them but have never spoken. (Money for old rope)!!!

Star performers are Booth (11 meetings and 1 intervention), Clark (10 meetings and 2 interventions), Wise (8 meetings and 3 interventions), Whittaker (4 meetings and 3 interventions), and Titford (11 meetings and 6 interventions).

These figures offer further evidence that the U-kippers are more interested in getting their attendance allowance than in doing any work, let alone trying to scupper the work of the EU.

Thursday, January 11

UKIP faces fine from the Electoral Commission

It's not been a happy start to 2007 for UKIP. Local party branches are folding (Plymouth is the latest) and now UKIP faces a heavy fine from the Electoral Commission after failing to submit their annual accounts for 2006.

The Political Parties Election and Referendums Act 2000 requires that parties with a gross income or expenditure of £250,000 or less submit an annual statement of accounts to The Electoral Commission by March 31st, while parties with income or expenditure exceeding £250,000 must submit accounts by 7th July.

It's not as if UKIP haven't had enough time to get their finances in order. They couldn't meet the 7th July deadline and were given an extension. As of Friday 5th January the accounts have still not published. Failure to submit accounts within 1 year can result in a £5,000 fine and is a criminal offence under UK electoral law.

Surely it can't be hard for a party with 16,000 members to file its accounts. Are their party staff just amazingly lazy, or is there something we have not been told?