Wednesday, January 17

U-Kippers in 'workshy' shock

A study of UKIP MEPs' attendance at Committee meetings in the European Parliament has again illustrated why they are a bunch of work-shy chancers who don't even appear to be working to undermine the EU (surely their raison d'etre). Of the 12 men who were elected on the UKIP ticket in 2004, 3 aren't even on any committees. Of the meetings that the other 9 could have attended, minutes are available for 128. The total number of those meetings for which the UKIP MEPs signed the register is 55. Of these 55 "attendances", they spoke a total of 15 times. It has to be assumed that those who just turned up and did not speak were only there to collect their attendance allowance.

The breakdown is:

Batten, Knapman and Kilroy are not on any committees.

Bloom, Mote, Farage and Nattrass have signed in at 22 committee meetings between them but have never spoken. (Money for old rope)!!!

Star performers are Booth (11 meetings and 1 intervention), Clark (10 meetings and 2 interventions), Wise (8 meetings and 3 interventions), Whittaker (4 meetings and 3 interventions), and Titford (11 meetings and 6 interventions).

These figures offer further evidence that the U-kippers are more interested in getting their attendance allowance than in doing any work, let alone trying to scupper the work of the EU.

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Anonymous said...

Kilroy and Mote are no longer UKIP MEPs (not for a long time). Fulfilling your own agenda?
If you don't know simple facts like that (or at least don't represent them truthfully) how you can be trusted to detail how the Euro Parliament works?