Wednesday, January 17

The UKIP member haemorrhage continues…

The UKIP branch in Plymouth has collapsed after Chairman Tom Williams resigned along with three other branch officers and six committee members at the annual branch meeting. After the meeting, which was attended by abut 30 members, Mr Williams said that there had been no nominations to take over the officer positions.

The collapse of the Plymouth branch is yet another example of UKIPs rapidly diminishing membership which, at the last count, was down to around 16,000 from a high of 26,000 at the height of the Kilroy-inspired media frenzy in 2004.

Launching a stinging attack on the performance of UKIPs 10 MEPs, Mr Williams described them as "not very productive" and "don't seem to be interested in the UK". It's good to see that UKIP members are starting to understand what a total waste of space their elected representatives are.

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