Wednesday, January 17

UKIPs latest attack on Muslims

A former United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) Parliamentary Candidate has stepped into the debate regarding the Super Mosque in Dudley, by claiming that local residents are "having another culture imposed on them" and that "Dudley is losing its British identity".

The controversial article was published on a Ukip supporters website by Matthew Davies who was their Parliamentary candidate in Woking, Surrey during the 2005 General Election.

Commenting on the Super Mosque Mr Davies said: "The local people are now having another culture imposed on them, when they clearly do not want it. The fact public money is being used as well and that foreign influence with more money to develop Britain means that Dudley is losing its British identity."

He added "Democracy is failing and there is a real danger that people will turn to the extreme if they are ignored for much longer. Only the restoration of true local democracy, along with a much better integration plan for newcomers will avert real problems ahead."

Ukip have one Councillor in Dudley, Councillor Malcolm Davis who is vehemently opposed to the mosque stating "…the whole building is inappropriate."

Ukip is also fighting plans for another Mosque in West Ham, London and sponsoring a 'Muslim Charter' which was presented to a packed meeting room of 4 UKIP MEPs, Ashley Mote (and a couple of people who'd clearly been looking for the bar and got lost) at the European Parliament during December. The controversial (and incredibly patronising) charter is a code of behaviour that Muslims should follow to integrate into Western society.

Labour have described Ukip as "the BNP in suits" and, just as accurately, last year Conservative Leader David Cameron described them as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists".

Ukip claim they are non-racist and non-sectarian and that all people are equal. (Apart from 'foreigners' and Muslims, clearly)


Anonymous said...

In 2005 UKIP in Dudley campaigned on the slogan 'If you want a mosque for a neighbour vote Labour'.

bev johnson said...

It is not surprising there is a lot of local opposition, substantial public funds are being given towards the building of the mosque. Another brand new mosque is very close by, there are doubts about how planning permission was granted . Requests by Sikh and Christian groups in the borough for monetary support were ignored

Anonymous said...

Dear readers
The writer of this document has, as can be expected from such a personal and single-minded attack, largely misrepresented this situation, which was most vocally opposed by moderate Muslims in the area. For your own peace of mind, search for more details on this story on an honest and impartial website.

Anonymous said...

Bev i cant find any evidence of public money for the Mosque. If you do have any please pass it on. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that it was between 50-95% of NEW legislation that comes from brussels - although I admit that the frenzied pace of ill-thought out Labour red tape/civil rights abuse legislation is probably reducing that figure all the time. I don't think anyone has suggested that 50% of ALL UK law is from Brussels - shurrrely not more spin and misrepresention from a serving Labour Member of Extraneous Parliament?