Tuesday, February 6

New name, same old hypocrisy

So UKIP leader Nigel Farage feels that the best way for his party to broaden its appeal is to change its name - although after floating the name-change idea to the Independence Party, he appeared to have a change of heart, promising a full consultation with party members over a new name. It is interesting that the self-styled 'straight' talking party sees the need to change its name rather than its policies - but not entirely surprising in that UKIP consistently deceives the British people with its lies and misinformation about the EU.

If Farage thinks that a re-branding exercise will fool Britons into believing his nonsense he's more deluded than we thought.

P.S On a frivolous note, its nice to see the Financial Times has offered a helpful suggestion to UKIPs motley crew by suggesting that they call themselves UKOAP, given that the average age of their ten MEPs is 60. Catchy and accurate!

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