Monday, February 19

One financial scandal? Make that two....

One financial scandal? UKIP watcher should have made that two, following the Sunday Telegraph report of an admission from Campbell Bannerman that only 15% of funds raised through UKIP’s call centre in Ashford have been paid into the party’s head office accounts.

Five former members of the party's national executive committee, UKIP's governing body, have claimed that around £500,000 is unaccounted for in this manner.
Of particular interest is that the Ashford call centre was set up in October 2003 by Nigel Farage, who then ran UKIP's south-east regional office. Staff processed donations and annual membership subscriptions.

However, even though the staff processed donations from across the country the money was paid into the accounts controlled by the south-east office.

Members of the NEC at the time said they were appalled that this allowed Mr Farage to control the majority of donations to the party. They also said for a nine month period in 2004 and 2005 Mr Farage declined to provide the NEC with details of how much money the call centre generated.

In the words of former UKIP member Linda Guest in her resignation letter :

"I see no point in supporting any party that is controlled by a leadership that displays such contempt for democracy when it comes to its own members."

UKIP watch would also like to know where the missing money is, Nigel?

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