Monday, February 19

UKIP and the missing £118,000

It just gets worse for UKIP, with the Sunday Times and Telegraph reporting more explosive allegations of financial irregularities.

The Times reports that the party is being investigated over donations worth £118,000 that party treasurer Bruce Lawson was unaware of and never appeared in UKIP’s bank accounts. Lawson threatened to resign, writing in a letter to Nigel Farage and deputy leader David Campbell Bannerman that:

“I joined UKIP because I though we were different to the other parties but even on the grounds of expediency I will not be associated with this sort of behaviour.”

With his customary mendacity, Farage merely contends that “the party’s internal bookkeeping was not what it might have been.”

The irony is that after spending years lampooning the EU’s finances, UKIP finds itself mired in its own corruption scandal. You would have thought that a fringe party with a small and declining membership (16,000 at the last count) should be able to keep its books in order.

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