Monday, February 19

What is the point of Robert Kilroy Silk?

UKIPwatch's favourite disgraced ex-TV presenter Robert Kilroy Silk has been getting his name in the papers recently after his latest pathetic act of self-publicity (by accusing M and S of using mirrors in their changing rooms that "distort" women's bodies), but UKIPwatch feels that the perma-tanned one's campaign might be more to do with something more than his usual self-effacing commitment to public service.

This month marks the half way point in the European Parliament session, with the positions in the Parliament's bureau and committees being re-allocated. Kilroy is now a member of the Culture and Education Committee. All fairly standard fare until you consider that Kilroy has not been a member of any Committee since his election in 2004. For someone elected under the UKIP banner of disrupting the work of the EU institutions at every juncture, it is odd that Kilroy has not used the Parliamentary Committees (where the bulk of legislative work is carried out) to do just that.

However, Kilroy has done so little work as an MEP that his constituents could have been forgiven for thinking that he didn't exist. Instead he has cashed in on his £60,000 salary and picked up his attendance allowance despite the fact that he has not spoken in Parliament since October 2005 (you're more likely to see Lord Lucan speaking in plenary than you are Kilroy).

Still, Kilroy and his erstwhile chums in UKIP seem to have a rare talent for getting elected on the basis of xenophobia and dishonesty about the EU and then giving a v-sign to the British public in taking taxpayers money in exchange for a five year schive.

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