Tuesday, March 27

“There’s more to me than just someone who has used prostitutes”

Not even UKIP party boys lap-dancing enthusiast Nigel Farage or brothel-using Godfrey Bloom could stomach the antics of the latest UKIP member to add himself to their womanising hall of shame.

“Self-confessed” prostitute-user John Houston was told that not only would he not be the party’s East Kilbride candidate for this May’s elections, he was also being expelled from the party altogether. Houston criticised UKIP for giving him the boot saying, “I’ve never hidden my views and I’m disgusted it never supported me when I was criticised. There’s more to me — and they know this — than just someone who has used prostitutes.”

Houston remains determined to stand in the election under some kind of UKIP banner saying “I’m from East Kilbride and I have every intention — indeed I think I have a duty — to stand for Holyrood for my home town as a UKIP candidate.”

Thank goodness he stands no chance of winning, the celebratory night out might be one to miss.

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UKIP are apologists for Mugabe regime

UKIP's extremism has again reared its ugly head with Andrew Reed, a UKIP candidate at both the 2001 elections and 2004 European elections and an advisor to Nigel Farage, accusing Western governments and the BBC of demonising the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. The BBC, he claims in the letter below, is responsible for "politically motivated broadcasts" on Zimbabwe. For good measure, he describes Zimbabwe, a country scarred by rigged elections, government intimidation of voteres and opposition parties and in which the leader of the opposition MDC has been viciously assaulted by Mugabe's henchmen, as "essentially democratic". Sometimes the views of UKIP are so sickening that you wonder what planet they are on.

According to Mr Reed's perverse logic, Zimbabwe is more democratic than the EU - he calls the EU a "dangerously non-democratic organisation".

Moreover, he absolves the Mugabe regime of responsibility for the bloodshed and starvation he has inflicted on the Zimbabwean people, arguing that Zimbabwe is "under siege from the international community" and contending that there is no "adequate justification" for humanitarian intervention.

So the UKIP attitude to the plight of Zimbabweans is to blame the EU and the BBC and stick their heads in the sand. Despicable.


Thank you for your message expressing concern about the situation in Zimbabwe. Thank you also for the information to the effect that the Zimbabwean government may now be relying on Angolan mercenaries, an allegation I had not previously heard.

I confess I know little about the affairs of this formerly prosperous British territory, other than that they were severely disrupted, not long ago, by an army of self-styled, latter-day "veterans of the war of independence", demanding lands, and were subsequently rendered extremely difficult by international sanctions, the conventional assumption being that it was the government, which armed and incited the "veterans", in order to dispossess white farmers of their holdings.

However, I am not satisfied with this explanation, given that the white farmers were the back-bone of the economy, and of the government's revenue, and were carefully protected, by the government, for that reason, for many years, until the "veterans" arrived (from where, I wonder?) on the scene. Indeed, given these facts alone - and apart from politically-motivated broadcasts by the BBC - they are the only facts I have, I would be inclined to suppose that the "veterans" were armed and incited by forces hostile to the government, which was able to neutralise them only by surrendering its one substantial source of income to them.

However that may be, Zimbabwe is certainly a country under siege from the "international community", whose neo-colonial policies in Africa are thinly disguised as "humanitarian intervention" in conflicts, which it may well have instigated, just as they were in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, tragically, the pattern of (1) non-compliant government (2) crippling international sanctions (3) fomentation of unrest (4) demonisation of the government's leaders and (5) "humanitarian intervention" , has already been repeated too often, and, in each case, without adequate justification, in my view.

I cannot agree, therefore, that the further tightening of sanctions and isolation are the solution to Zimbabwe's difficulties; rather, I think, they are part of the problem.

This is not to say that I approve of the European Union's meddling in this matter, or any other. The EU is a dangerously non-democratic organisation with no prospect - unlike Zimbabwe, which has an essentially democratic system - of ever becoming otherwise. The EU, if it ever obtains its constitution, would, moreover, become a very powerful state - unlike Zimbabwe, whose primary importance to the "international community" seems to be its strategic position for taking control of Africa and its mineral-wealth.

I beg you, therefore - unless you know for a fact that what is being broadcast is the whole truth - to take what you hear, from the BBC, about Zimbabwe, the EU and our reasons for invading various other countries, with a large pinch of salt; to concentrate on condemning the bloodshed itself - and seeking the underlying reasons for it - rather than the people who are portrayed by the media as being entirely responsible.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed

(Office of the UKIP-MEP's)

UKIP election-Buster

Demonstrating their fraternity with the racist right and their powers of self-deception, UKIP have revealed their new secret weapon - former British Davis Cup player and National Front activist, Buster Mottram. Buster has written to a number of Tory MPs warning them that they will be 'decapitated' at the next election if they do not sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

Buster, who once briefly ranked as No15 in the world, was once quoted as describing the National Front as "the party of common sense", while he later added "I hope Enoch Powell will never die, just as his namesake in the Bible never died". With commendable flippancy, Nigel Farage described Buster's NF affiliations as "youthful indiscretions"!

Tory MP Geoffrey Cox has accused UKIP of trying to "cheat the ballot box" through an "utterly sickening, nasty tactic". This little episode emphasises that UKIP is made up of the utterly sickening and the downright barmy.

Thursday, March 22

UKIP disarray continues....

UKIP's disarray continues with two MEPs having apparently joined the embezzling Tom Wise to form a separate group. According to the loonies on the Independence and Democracy Forum, Wise has been joined by Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass in a sub-group that is operating semi-autonomously from the rest of UKIP. Knapman and Nattrass were furious at Nigel Farage's treatment of Wise and openly talked about leaving.

Either way in June 2004 there were 12 U-kippers. Then Kilroy and the alleged benefit fraudster Mote (who still has the cheek to complain about the auditing of the EU's accounts - people in glass houses Ashley…) were kicked out. Now, the 'gang of three' means that UKIP are down to 7 MEPs. What's the betting that by May 2009, they'll be down to Farage and his drinking partner Bloom.

Wednesday, March 14

UKIP's dodgy pollsters

Not content with lying to the Electoral Commission about the state of their finances and having one of their MEPs accused of embezzling taxpayers' money (and buying French cars with it), UKIP have taken to putting out misleading opinion poll figures according to this item from the increasingly good UKIP@Home.

It is pathetic that a fringe party like UKIP, who would poll much fewer votes than the Greens and about the same as the BNP if a general election were held tomorrow, feel the need to distort their levels of support in order to salve their inflated egos.

It seems that this propensity for distorting support has reached UKIP 'leader' Nigel Farage. Farage put out a press release last week claiming that UKIP had beaten the main three UK parties and made a great breakthough in the Northern Ireland assembly elections (overlooking the fact that the 1 UKIP candidate polled a piffling 2.7% and none of Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems put up any candidates)! UKIPwatch can only doff its cap at such unbelievable spinning!

Three cheers for the class clown

UKIPwatcher has come across this latest gem from UKIPs class clown Godfrey Bloom demonstrating that the brothel using and non-fridge cleaning one's libido is still the size of Swindon. It appears that he has set his amorous sights on Mussolini's granddaughter and a Liberal Democrat assistant. Good to see that he doesn't discriminate between fascists and lib dems.

Although UKIPwatch enjoys Godfrey's antics and appreciates his latest attempt at humour, most people with an ounce of sense take serious politicians like Finnish MEP Alexander Stubb (who he sees fit to mock) a bit more seriously than an unreconstructed, misogynist chancer like Bloom. Every time Godfrey opens his mouth he demonstrates his unsuitability for public office.

Monday, March 5

Senior UKIP official gave money to BNP? Surely not..

The news that UKIP NEC member David Abbott donated money to the BNP has been greeted with shock. UKIPwatch can't understand why - UKIP and BNP are equally racist and extreme and have enjoyed fraternal relations for many years. The two parties have often made unofficial pacts and co-operated in elections which is not surprising considering that the two parties effectively swap members.

The biggest shock is that UKIP have been able to get away with their lies for so long.

May the fraud be with you ....

The UKIP soap opera continues into another week with new revelations in the Sunday TImes about Tom Wise's slightly unorthodox accounting methods.

An internal inquiry into Mr Wise's affairs was stopped by former leader Roger Knapman after the report's authors, including retired policeman Trevor Colman, found evidence of serious wrongdoing.

This story is going to run and run - the only question is whether UKIP will still exist by the end of it.

Thursday, March 1

If you're disabled you can't be a UKIP candidate

UKIPwatcher didn't think UKIP could sink any lower until coming across this new latest scandal.

Jack Biggs, 65 and a holder of the British Empire Medal, who has had both knees replaced, was told by his local UKIP association that he could only be a "paper candidate" for the party in the May 3 local elections because of his disability.

In typically dignified fashion, UKIP have gone on the offensive, accusing Mr Biggs of blackmail with Nigel Farage offering this nugget of wisdom - "I could run down the street but I couldn't make an Olympic athlete," he said. "This man couldn't do the job just as other people can't do it because they are busy."

All a bit of a double standard, especially as Farage's own personal fondness for a bit of the sauce hasn't precluded his being a candidate...

Stand back - UKIPs about to blow....

It has been great fun watching UKIP implode in the past few days. If the rumours are right that Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass are going to quit UKIP then the motley crew of 12 cranks, egomaniacs and zenophobes will have fallen to 7! With over two years to go until the next European elections in 2009 the question is whether UKIP will still exist.

Maybe the latest series of scandals and humiliations were responsible for Nigel Farage being spotted tired and emotional and propping up various bars in Brussels.

Still, I hope that Tom Wise is enjoying his new car - a green Peugeot 406 at £6,500, and that he haggled in order to get a good price for the taxpayers' money. UKIPwatch is sure this is the case as UKIPs MEPs are nothing if they are not selflessly devoted to public service.

In the words of Richard Littlejohn - you couldn't make it up.