Thursday, March 1

If you're disabled you can't be a UKIP candidate

UKIPwatcher didn't think UKIP could sink any lower until coming across this new latest scandal.

Jack Biggs, 65 and a holder of the British Empire Medal, who has had both knees replaced, was told by his local UKIP association that he could only be a "paper candidate" for the party in the May 3 local elections because of his disability.

In typically dignified fashion, UKIP have gone on the offensive, accusing Mr Biggs of blackmail with Nigel Farage offering this nugget of wisdom - "I could run down the street but I couldn't make an Olympic athlete," he said. "This man couldn't do the job just as other people can't do it because they are busy."

All a bit of a double standard, especially as Farage's own personal fondness for a bit of the sauce hasn't precluded his being a candidate...

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Anonymous said...

I thought the Biggs story had been largely discredited.

1.It was admitted the letter to him could have been better worded,

2. He was not denied a candidature, and in fact at the time of the story other UKIPers had already leafleted on his behalf.

3. There was a suggestion that he was attempting to blackmail UKIP because they were standing against his daughter, an Independent camdidate in another ward.

4. His letter was threatening with vaguely disguised references to his 'special forces' status'.

5. His letter was ambivalent about the real extent of his disability, suggesting that he was 'bigging it up' to use the curret patois.