Thursday, March 1

Stand back - UKIPs about to blow....

It has been great fun watching UKIP implode in the past few days. If the rumours are right that Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass are going to quit UKIP then the motley crew of 12 cranks, egomaniacs and zenophobes will have fallen to 7! With over two years to go until the next European elections in 2009 the question is whether UKIP will still exist.

Maybe the latest series of scandals and humiliations were responsible for Nigel Farage being spotted tired and emotional and propping up various bars in Brussels.

Still, I hope that Tom Wise is enjoying his new car - a green Peugeot 406 at £6,500, and that he haggled in order to get a good price for the taxpayers' money. UKIPwatch is sure this is the case as UKIPs MEPs are nothing if they are not selflessly devoted to public service.

In the words of Richard Littlejohn - you couldn't make it up.

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