Tuesday, March 27

“There’s more to me than just someone who has used prostitutes”

Not even UKIP party boys lap-dancing enthusiast Nigel Farage or brothel-using Godfrey Bloom could stomach the antics of the latest UKIP member to add himself to their womanising hall of shame.

“Self-confessed” prostitute-user John Houston was told that not only would he not be the party’s East Kilbride candidate for this May’s elections, he was also being expelled from the party altogether. Houston criticised UKIP for giving him the boot saying, “I’ve never hidden my views and I’m disgusted it never supported me when I was criticised. There’s more to me — and they know this — than just someone who has used prostitutes.”

Houston remains determined to stand in the election under some kind of UKIP banner saying “I’m from East Kilbride and I have every intention — indeed I think I have a duty — to stand for Holyrood for my home town as a UKIP candidate.”

Thank goodness he stands no chance of winning, the celebratory night out might be one to miss.

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