Wednesday, March 14

Three cheers for the class clown

UKIPwatcher has come across this latest gem from UKIPs class clown Godfrey Bloom demonstrating that the brothel using and non-fridge cleaning one's libido is still the size of Swindon. It appears that he has set his amorous sights on Mussolini's granddaughter and a Liberal Democrat assistant. Good to see that he doesn't discriminate between fascists and lib dems.

Although UKIPwatch enjoys Godfrey's antics and appreciates his latest attempt at humour, most people with an ounce of sense take serious politicians like Finnish MEP Alexander Stubb (who he sees fit to mock) a bit more seriously than an unreconstructed, misogynist chancer like Bloom. Every time Godfrey opens his mouth he demonstrates his unsuitability for public office.

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