Thursday, March 22

UKIP disarray continues....

UKIP's disarray continues with two MEPs having apparently joined the embezzling Tom Wise to form a separate group. According to the loonies on the Independence and Democracy Forum, Wise has been joined by Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass in a sub-group that is operating semi-autonomously from the rest of UKIP. Knapman and Nattrass were furious at Nigel Farage's treatment of Wise and openly talked about leaving.

Either way in June 2004 there were 12 U-kippers. Then Kilroy and the alleged benefit fraudster Mote (who still has the cheek to complain about the auditing of the EU's accounts - people in glass houses Ashley…) were kicked out. Now, the 'gang of three' means that UKIP are down to 7 MEPs. What's the betting that by May 2009, they'll be down to Farage and his drinking partner Bloom.

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