Tuesday, March 27

UKIP election-Buster

Demonstrating their fraternity with the racist right and their powers of self-deception, UKIP have revealed their new secret weapon - former British Davis Cup player and National Front activist, Buster Mottram. Buster has written to a number of Tory MPs warning them that they will be 'decapitated' at the next election if they do not sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

Buster, who once briefly ranked as No15 in the world, was once quoted as describing the National Front as "the party of common sense", while he later added "I hope Enoch Powell will never die, just as his namesake in the Bible never died". With commendable flippancy, Nigel Farage described Buster's NF affiliations as "youthful indiscretions"!

Tory MP Geoffrey Cox has accused UKIP of trying to "cheat the ballot box" through an "utterly sickening, nasty tactic". This little episode emphasises that UKIP is made up of the utterly sickening and the downright barmy.

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