Wednesday, March 14

UKIP's dodgy pollsters

Not content with lying to the Electoral Commission about the state of their finances and having one of their MEPs accused of embezzling taxpayers' money (and buying French cars with it), UKIP have taken to putting out misleading opinion poll figures according to this item from the increasingly good UKIP@Home.

It is pathetic that a fringe party like UKIP, who would poll much fewer votes than the Greens and about the same as the BNP if a general election were held tomorrow, feel the need to distort their levels of support in order to salve their inflated egos.

It seems that this propensity for distorting support has reached UKIP 'leader' Nigel Farage. Farage put out a press release last week claiming that UKIP had beaten the main three UK parties and made a great breakthough in the Northern Ireland assembly elections (overlooking the fact that the 1 UKIP candidate polled a piffling 2.7% and none of Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems put up any candidates)! UKIPwatch can only doff its cap at such unbelievable spinning!

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